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How to Create Calendar Events from Emails in iPhone Mail


"How about dinner — tonight at 8pm or Wednesday at 7pm?" read the terse but friendly email.

Curiously, "dinner — tonight" and "Wednesday at 7pm" are underlined like links to websites. Who or what would do such a thing; and why?

Chances are, iPhone Mail would; to make your life easier.

When it detects a time or date in an email, iPhone mail offers to extract these and use them for a new event in the calendar — with the date and time already set.

Create Calendar Events from Emails in iPhone Mail

To create a calendar event from a time and date mentioned in an email from iPhone Mail:

  • Tap the date or time underlined in blue in the email message.
    • If you wonder whether the underlined text could also be a link to a web page, tap and hold instead to find out.
  • Select Create Event from the menu that comes up.
  • Verify the starting time and date, and add an event title as well as other details as needed.
  • Tap Done.

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