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Voice Cards Valentine 2.0 - Love Email E-Cards iPhone Application

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Voice Cards Valentine - Love Email E-Cards iPhone Application

Voice Cards Valentine - Love Email E-Cards iPhone Application

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Voice Cards Valentine sends well-designed love e-cards to which you can add pictures, text and voice messages. It is, alas, a tad cumbersome to operate and gives no preview of the finished card and saves neither what you sent nor drafts.


  • Voice Cards Valentine includes well-crafted designs for Valentine's Day e-cards and amorous emails
  • You can add both a custom photo, text and a voice message to your greeting
  • It's easy to choose recipients from your iPhone Contacts


  • Voice Cards Valentine offers no way to preview the complete finished email
  • You cannot save e-card drafts, and Voice Cards Valentine does not keep copies of sent messages
  • Recipients must be in your iPhone Contacts, and Voice Cards Valentine cannot Bcc: you a copy


  • Voice Cards Valentine lets you create and send e-cards from iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Choose from 13 diverse and nicely designed background images.
  • You can add a photo to the greeting either from iPhone Photos or taken right in Voice Cards Valentine.
  • Voice Cards Valentine lets add text and a recorded voice message to your card, too.
  • Pick recipients from iPhone Contacts.
  • You can send your Voice Cards Valentine cards by email, Facebook or Twitter, and save them as photos to the camera roll.
  • Voice Cards Valentine supports iPhone, iPhone G3 and iPod touch 2.0.

Guide Review - Voice Cards Valentine 2.0 - Love Email E-Cards iPhone Application

Your iPhone has an eye and an ear and a keyboard to tap. Mix and mash that input with beautiful stationery and you get stunning Valentine's Day emails with voice, words and photo — maybe.

Voice Cards Valentine comes with pretty designs all right, from cool to ironic to romantic and sweet, but that background is about all you'll know about the email you create. Unfortunately, there is not much more to know either: the optional photo is put, somewhat randomly, on the background; your text message appears beneath; any voice message you record (up to 30 seconds long) comes as an attachment.

Fortunately, the end result is not quite so disconcerted as using Voice Cards Valentine and can make for a neat greeting. Stationery that incorporates photo and text better would be swell, of course, but it's also good to know you can write freely without worrying about a fixed design's limits.

Make sure you do send your card and text eventually, though. Do not falter or think you'll continue that poem later by the lake: Voice Cards Valentine does not save drafts, not even one. It's also a pity that there's no way to preserve a copy of sent emails other than putting oneself in the To: field.

Addressing greetings is simple and reasonably easy in Voice Cards Valentine. You pick recipients from your iPhone Contacts. There's no way to input a plain email address, though.

Voice Cards Valentine has potential, much unrealized — but it can, granted some blind confidence, still produce loving emails rich and sweet.

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