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Easter Cards 1.2.2 - iPhone Easter E-Card Application

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Easter Cards - iPhone Easter E-Card Application

Easter Cards - iPhone Easter E-Card Application


The Bottom Line

Easter Cards lets you send beautiful and fresh Easter greetings, to which you can add your own words and images, from iPhone and iPod touch.
Simple and expertly executed, it's a pity Easter Cards does not offer minimal photo editing after insertion and lacks a way to try different designs for text already entered.


  • Easter Cards lets you send spectacularly crisp and beautiful email greetings
  • You can adapt some designs with your own photos and add as much text as you need to all
  • Easter Cards leaves the sending to iPhone Mail, making addressing easy


  • Easter Cards lacks tools to zoom, move and crop photos after they have been inserted
  • You cannot save drafts in Easter Cards or try a greeting with different designs
  • Even more cards would be swell to have


  • Easter Cards offers 8 stationery creations for iPhone Mail to send Easter greetings.
  • You can customize cards with your own greeting and text. To some cards, you can also add your own photos.
  • Easter Cards uses iPhone Mail to send the finished card.
  • Easter Cards supports iPhone and iPod touch 2/3.

Guide Review - Easter Cards 1.2.2 - iPhone Easter E-Card Application

Green grass and white rabbits; yellow chickens and brown chocolate; red tulips and purple eggs make Easter so wonderful a time — and Easter Cards so delightful an app.

Easter Cards comes with but a handful of email greetings, but these are amazing: designed well and with lovable attention to detail the Easter Cards stationery spreads Spring cheer with verve.

Spreading's distribution is smartly handled by iPhone Mail. After you've composed your card, Easter Cards hands it over to the native email program where you can pick recipients easily (and delete your signature maybe). The resulting email will look splendid in most — but sadly not all — email programs and services.

To compose your card, you can add a headline, text, and often a photo to replace one of the stunning images included with one just as stunning — but yours. It's a pity Easter Cards does not allow for zooming and cropping to make photos fit.

As for your copy: it will fit. Easter Cards intelligently expands the space allotted to text so your greeting looks good no matter how much or how little you tap. Unfortunately, entered text cannot be saved for later, though, or to try it with a different design.

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