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Christmas Cards 1.2.1 - iPhone Christmas E-Card Application

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Christmas Cards - iPhone Christmas E-Card Application

Christmas Cards - iPhone Christmas E-Card Application


The Bottom Line

Christmas Cards lets you send stunning and fun Christmas greetings (decked out with your own words and photos) from iPhone and iPod touch.
Elegant and working well, it's a pity Christmas Cards does not offer any photo editing and lacks a way to try different designs for text already entered. More of the beautiful cards would be nice, too.


  • Christmas Cards sends stunningly and beautiful email greetings for Christmas
  • You can add your own photos (directly from the camera or from the camera roll) to some templates
  • Christmas Cards allows for as much greeting text as you can type and supports custom fonts


  • Christmas Cards does not offer image editing such as zooming or tilting
  • You cannot save your text and cards as drafts in Christmas Cards or try a different design
  • More templates would be spiffy to have in Christmas Cards


  • Christmas Cards offers 8 stationery designs for iPhone Mail to send Christmas greetings.
  • You can add greeting titles and text (both without character count limitation) to your cards and afford them custom fonts.
  • Some Christmas Cards let you add your own photos, too.
  • For delivery, Christmas Cards hands over the finished greeting to iPhone Mail.
  • Christmas Cards supports iPhone and iPod touch 2/3.

Guide Review - Christmas Cards 1.2.1 - iPhone Christmas E-Card Application

It's the season for white angels and shining trees; the time for glee snowmen and tasty gingerbread; the occasion for bearded santa and delightful greetings: it's Christmas.

Christmas Cards brings together the angels and santa and the other Christmas paraphernalia in truly delightful greetings easily sent from an iPhone or iPod touch. The email templates in Christmas Cards are designed so well that it's a pity there's but a handful of them.

Not only do the cards in Christmas Cards look pretty; you can also make them even more precious. It's easy to add as much text as you like and change the font, of course; for the particular visual touch, many Christmas Cards templates let you add a photo (to make a custom Santa, for example).

Unfortunately, Christmas Cards does not allow for any zooming, tilting or cropping of photos. Sometimes, a way to save drafts might be handy, too — to try a greeting with different templates, for instance.

While Christmas Cards does not deliver the cards itself, it hands the finished card over to iPhone Mail in a convenient manner.

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