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How to Add a Custom MIDI or WAV Sound File to IncrediMail


With the convenience of IncrediMail's online gallery (from which you can easily add new sounds for use in your messages) comes some limitation in selection, of course.

Fortunately, you not only can add custom MIDI or WAV files (other formats are, alas, not supported) to your IncrediMail Style Box, this is almost as simple as using IncrediMail's gallery, too.

Add a Custom MIDI or WAV Sound File to IncrediMail

To add your own MIDI or WAV file to the IncrediMail Style Box:

  • Click on the desired file with the right mouse button.
    • Download files from the internet to your Desktop first.
  • Select Open With | Choose Program... from the menu.
  • Highlight IncrediMail Content Importer.
  • Click OK.
  • Now click Close or Show in my Style Box.

Add Your Custom Sound File as Background Music

Now you can use the newly added sound file as background music in an email, for example.

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