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IncrediMail Collects Anonymous Usage Data


Software that collects all kinds of data about you in the background and without your knowledge — so-called spyware — is highly problematic.

Is IncrediMail Spyware?

If you have heard or read somewhere that IncrediMail is spyware and took a look into its folders to see what IncrediMail may reveal about when (if) it phones home, you may have stumbled into the RunTime folder. The folder's contents looks suspicious, and if you delete it IncrediMail will start accumulating it again.

The RunTime folder's raison d'être is not collecting data about your usage of IncrediMail, however. The RunTime folder is merely a cache that allows IncrediMail to operate faster by re-using data. That's why the data in this folder will start to pile up when you use IncrediMail, but that's also why it doesn't really hurt (except speed-wise) if you delete it.

IncrediMail Collects Anonymous Usage Data

While not spyware, IncrediMail is still collecting some harmless anonymous usage statistics. It counts how often

are used.

According to the IncrediMail privacy policy, this data is collected to create the gallery of most popular IncrediMail content.

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