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How to View the Source of a Message with IncrediMail


The source of an email can be scary. Instead of nice fonts, beautiful images and a clean layout you see nothing but characters, often in weird arrangements.

So why would you want to do this? It helps fighting spam, and you can feed the source into SpamCop to easily report abuse efficiently. Unfortunately, displaying the message source is not particularly simple in IncrediMail, but fortunately it works nevertheless.

View the Source of a Message with IncrediMail

To get to an email's source code in IncrediMail:

  • Highlight the message.
  • Select Message | Properties from the menu.
  • Go to the Details tab.
  • Find the complete message source under Internet headers for this message.

View the Source of a Message with IncrediMail Xe

To see the full source of an email in IncrediMail Xe:

  • Select the message in IncrediMail.
  • Select File | Save As... from the menu.
  • Make sure the Mail (*.eml) file type is selected.
  • Save the file to a folder (I suggest simply using the Desktop).
  • Open the file you just saved in a text editor (Notepad will do fine).

(Updated March 2013)

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