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How to Block a Sender in IncrediMail


A few messages from pretty much everybody are not necessary. But some people send unnecessary mails exclusively, and telling them to stop will only make them send even more vigorously.

Fortunately, IncrediMail can block messages from such senders. All mail from them will not arrive in your Inbox but go directly to the Deleted Items folder.

Block a Sender in IncrediMail

To add a sender to your list of blocked senders in IncrediMail:

  • Select a message from the person you want to block in its own window.
  • Select Message | Block Sender from the menu.
    • Alternatively:
      • Highlight the email in the message list.
      • Select Block/Bounce | Block Sender from the message's context menu or Block/Bounce | Block These Senders from the main IncrediMail menu.
  • Click the Block Sender or Block Senders button.

If you have accidentally blocked a sender, unblocking a sender is painless, too.

(Updated July 2014)

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