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iCloud Mail - Free Email Service


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The Bottom Line

iCloud Mail is a free email service from Apple with ample storage, IMAP access and an elegantly functional web application.
That interface at icloud.com does not offer labels or other more advanced tools for productivity and for organizing mail, though, and does not support accessing other email accounts.


  • iCloud Mail offers free email accessible via IMAP (easy to set up on Mac, Windows, iOS) as well as on the web
  • The iCloud Mail web interface at icloud.com does not include advertisement
  • Keyboard shortcuts make iCloud Mail on the web efficient to operate


  • iCloud Mail does not offer labels and search folders; the search options and filters (including the spam filter) could offer more precision
  • You cannot access other email accounts in iCloud Mail on the web; to get iCloud Mail itself, iOS or Mac OS X are required
  • iCloud Mail is not accessible via POP


  • iCloud Mail offers free email accounts with 5 GB of online storage (shared with calendars, documents, backups, etc.); more space can be purchased.
  • Creating a new iCloud Mail account is possible using iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and OS X.
  • Accessible via IMAP, iCloud Mail is particularly easy to set up in OS X Mail, iPhone and iPad Mail, and in Outlook; iCloud Mail IMAP also works in most other email programs, of course.
  • The iCloud mail web interface at icloud.com mimics a desktop application and is easy to use with the help of dragging and dropping and swift keyboard shortcuts.
  • An "Archive" folder and button help keep your inbox clean without much effort.
  • You can search mail in any folder by sender, subject, recipient and the complete message and header text.
  • Filters can sort messages to folders based on simple criteria, delete them or forward to another email address.
  • You can also set up iCloud Mail to forward all incoming mail automatically.
  • VIP senders (synchronized with OS X Mail) have their messages collected automatically in special views.
  • A spam filter finds most junk email, though its precision is not perfect.
  • Up to three email aliases let you set up alternate identities and addresses for use at icloud.com.
  • While you vacation from email, iCloud Mail's auto-responder answers incoming mail on your behalf.
  • The iCloud address book synchronizes with Mac OS X, Outlook and iOS devices.
  • An iCloud account can be set up using OS X and iOS.

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