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How to Delete a Folder in iCloud Mail at icloud.com


Before, during, and a while after the trip to Argentina, collecting all emails about the journey—itineraries, booking confirmations, postcards and what not—in a special iCloud Mail folder was mightily convenient and handy. Now that the trip is a treasured memory from five years ago, the emails have long been archived and left to search for reminiscing.

That "Tilcara etcétera" folder possibly should go, too, for now. At icloud.com, removing folders (and the messages in them) is, fortunately, a swift process.

Delete a Folder in iCloud Mail at icloud.com

To remove a folder from your iCloud Mail at icloud.com:

  • Open the folder you want to delete in iCloud Mail at icloud.com.
  • Move any messages you want to keep to a different folder, say your inbox.
  • Make sure the folder list is expanded.
    • If you cannot see a list of folders to the left of the list of messages, click > in the message list's header.
  • Now make sure the folder has no sub-folders.
    • If the folder does contain folders beneath it, click > next to its name to expand the list of sub-folders and delete them all first.
    • If you do not want to delete a sub-folder, you can use dragging and dropping to move a folder to a different parent folder or the top level.
  • Click the folder name in the folder list.
  • Click - in a red circle that appears in front of the folder name.
    • Note that deleting the folder will also immediately delete all messages in it; they will not be moved to the Trash folder but be purged at once.
  • Click Delete.

(Updated February 2014)

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