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Hotmail Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Handle your Hotmail like a hero! These tips, tricks and howtos are designed to make your life with this free web-based email account easier, faster and better.
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Most Popular Hotmail Tips, Tricks and Tutorials
Does it take money to be popular? Or fame? Do you need lucky breaks? Maybe... but no. None of this is necessary. Not in life, and not if you are a Hotmail tip. These tips have gained popularity by presenting their smart and sometimes surprising ideas in helpful ways — ways that let people like you profit instantly. The tips enjoy it, and they...

Your Weekly Hotmail Tip
Too many tips to digest? Get the most from your Hotmail account with these hints delivered right to your email (Hotmail?) inbox. They come in small weekly doses, designed to nurture and amuse without being too heavy on stomach, eyes or mind.

Access a Free Hotmail Account in Outlook Express
Using FreePOPs, you can download the messages in your free MSN Hotmail account in Outlook Express. Here's how to set this up.

Access a Hotmail Account with Outlook
Use Microsoft Outlook to fetch and send email messages through your MSN Hotmail account comfortably and with all the power and flexibility of a real email client.

Access Hotmail Help Without Window Resizing
Don't let Hotmail help take over your screen, but still get the info.

Accessing Hotmail from IncrediMail and the Web
Make sure you can still access your Hotmail messages via the Web after you have downloaded them to IncrediMail.

How to Address Messages with Nicknames in Hotmail
You can call me Berta in Hotmail, and address your emails to me quickly using that nickname.

Apply Filters to the Hotmail Inbox Manually
Filter messages out of a crowded Hotmail Inbox by applying newly set up Hotmail filters to the messages in it.

Bookmark Mailing Someone in Hotmail
Open the Hotmail message composition page with the recipient's address already filled in via a bookmark or favorite in your browser.

Bookmark Your Hotmail Inbox
Bypass the Hotmail home page and get one-click access to your Hotmail Inbox.

Change the Font Size in Hotmail Messages
Use bigger fonts to make your Hotmail messages easier to read, or smaller fonts to make them look classy, or whatever you desire.

Change Your Hotmail Password Periodically
Make sure your Hotmail messages are accessible only to you.

Clean a Folder, Your Inbox Radically in Hotmail
Delete all messages (except those you want to keep) in a Hotmail folder quickly.

Close Your Hotmail Account
Say "Good-bye" to Hotmail. (You can say "Hello again" later.)

Continue Editing a Message Draft in Hotmail
Finishing unfinished messages from drafts is easy in Hotmail.

Create Folders to Organize Your Messages in Hotmail
Tidy up your Hotmail by creating folders to file your emails in.

Display Remote Images in a Message in Hotmail
Even if you have blocked remote images in Hotmail for security reasons, you can selectively view messages with all their inline pictures.

File or Move a Message Quickly in Hotmail
Deletion is not the only way to keep your Hotmail Inbox clean. Here's how to file messages to appropriate folders.

Find Messages in Hotmail
Don't play hide and seek with email messages. Here's how to find any message in Hotmail.

Forward a Message Excluding its Attachments with Hotmail
Forward an email message, but not its attached files with Hotmail.

How Many Emails You Can Send from Hotmail per Day
If you want (or have to) mail a lot of people from Hotmail, be aware that there is a limit to the number of messages you can send per day.

How to Access a Free Hotmail Account with IncrediMail
Download mail from a free Hotmail account to IncrediMail comfortably.

How to Access a Hotmail Account with IncrediMail
That's where IncrediMail gets really hot: receive and send Hotmail from within IncrediMail.

How to Access a Hotmail Account with Outlook Express
Use Hotmail with the power and comfort of Outlook Express. Here's how to access your Hotmail account from Outlook Express to send, receive and archive mail in your Hotmail account.

How to Access Free Windows Live Hotmail in iPhone Mail
Set up access to a free Windows Live Hotmail or MSN Hotmail account in iPhone Mail. Working transparently, you can even use your custom folders in addition to fetching and sending mail.

How to Access Free Windows Live Hotmail via POP or IMAP with IzyMail
IzyMail brings fully access to any Windows Live Hotmail account to any email program or mobile device. You can even play with all your custom folders using IMAP access.

How to Access Free Windows Live Hotmail via POP with FreePOPs
Use FreePOPs and these settings to download mail from a free Windows Live Hotmail account to just about any email program.

How to Access Hotmail with Mac OS X Mail
Fetch and read and reply to Hotmail messages from within Mac OS X Mail.

How to Add a Sender to Your Hotmail Address Book Quickly
If somebody has sent you an email and you want to add them to your Hotmail address book, here's an easy way to go about doing it.

How to Add an Alternate Email Address to Your Hotmail Account
If you have added an alternate email address to your Hotmail account, you can receive a link to a personal password resetting page at it that will allow you to restore access easily should you forget your password.

How to Add Recipients from Your Address Book Easily in Hotmail
No need to remember email addresses. Hotmail does it for you, and makes it easy using them, too.

How to Bookmark "New Message" in Hotmail
Creating a new message with Hotmail has never been faster.

How to Change the Name in the From Line of Mail You Send from Hotmail
Whether your name has changed, whether you want to take off your corporate hat and be aunt Julie for a while, or whether you just seek some fun, in Hotmail changing the name that is displayed in the From: line of emails you send is easy.

How to Change the Sort Order of Your Hotmail Inbox
Sort your Hotmail Inbox (and any other Hotmail folder) by date, size, status, sender, subject, importance or attachment.

How to Contact Hotmail Support
Can't log in to your Windows Live Hotmail or Hotmail account? Plagued by a glitch that prevents you from composing messages? Here's how to contact Windows Live Hotmail tech support for help.

How to Create a Mailing List with Hotmail
Make sending Hotmail messages to groups of people easier by setting up a mailing list.

How to Export Contacts and Email Addresses from a Free Hotmail Account
Are your contacts trapped in Hotmail, and do you have to type them all anew if you need them anywhere else? Not if you export them smartly using a print view and your spreadsheets program. Here's how.

How to Insert an Image Inline in an Email with Hotmail
Instead of sending the photo as an attachment, why not insert it right into the email? Here's how to trick Hotmail into allowing that.

How to Check Other Email Accounts with Hotmail
Access your POP email accounts from anywhere with Hotmail.

How to See Full Email Headers in Hotmail
See all the header lines in Hotmail to trace spam, for info, or for fun.

How to Send a Message in Plain Text from Hotmail
Concentrate the power in your words, not in their appearance. Here's how to compose and send plain text emails with Hotmail.

How to Send a Message to a Group of Recipients with Windows Live Hotmail
Have your message delivered to a group of people with Windows Live Hotmail and with ease.

How to Set Up an Incoming Mail Filter in Hotmail
Have Hotmail organize incoming mail for you by moving it to the appropriate folder automatically.

How to Set up Your Hotmail Signature
An email signature can include contact info, witty quotations, or even some self-marketing. Here's how to set up your signature to be automatically included in messages you compose in Hotmail.

How to Try Windows Live Hotmail in a Different Language
Hotmail, parle-t-il Français? Windows Live Hotmail probably knows more languages than you.

Import Contacts and Email Addresses from Hotmail
Keep your contacts in sync. Here's how to export email addresses and contact details from Hotmail so you can import them in your email client.

Insert Graphical Smileys in Your Hotmail Messages
Share your emoticons graphically with Hotmail by inserting cute little smileys in your email messages.

Know When Your Hotmail Account Becomes Inactive
Be sure to log in to Hotmail before your account (and your mail) disappears.

Load Mailboxes Faster in Hotmail
Small is beautiful. Small is fast. Here's how to load Hotmail mailboxes faster by reducing the number of messages per page.

Make Hotmail Indent Original Text in Replies with '>'
It's a matter of good manners to include the original text when you compose a reply. It's also a matter of good manners to indent this text with '>' characters. Here's how to make Hotmail do this for you.

Make Hotmail Sessions Expire Automatically
Enhance the security of your Hotmail account by making it log you out automatically after a certain time.

Make Hotmail Your Default Email Program
Say good-bye to superfluous email programs and make Windows use Hotmail for your email tasks (reading and sending mail) automatically.

How to Recover a Lost Hotmail Password
If you cannot remember the password to your Windows Live Hotmail account, here are ways to create a new one and get to your mail, too.

Mark Messages Unread in Hotmail
Reset a message you have opened, but not really read, in Hotmail to a highlighted unread state.

Move Mail from "Sent Messages" in Hotmail to Keep It
If you intend to keep a copy of a message you sent in Hotmail, saving it to the "Sent Messages" folder is not enough.

Print a Message in Hotmail
Send Hotmail messages to your printer without ads or visual clutter.

Protect Your Privacy Against Web-Bugs and Remote Images in Hotmail
Remote images in emails (downloaded when you open the message) are a security and privacy problem. Find out how to prevent Hotmail from downloading such images automatically.

Save a Copy of a Sent Message in Hotmail
Always know what you said, to whom, and when — save copies of outgoing messages in Hotmail. Here's how to do it.

Save Drafts of Longer Messages in Hotmail
Be safe and save your Hotmail message as a draft so you can continue editing it later.

See Only Mail from People You Know in Hotmail
If your Hotmail Inbox is cluttered with newsletters and spam, turn on this view that shows you only the important messages from people you know.

Send a File Attachment with Hotmail
Send documents, pictures, programs, and any other file around the world in seconds easily with Hotmail.

Send a Message to Someone in Your Hotmail Address Book
Select the desired email recipients comfortably from the Hotmail address book, and start composing a message to them quickly.

Send a Web Page Link with Hotmail
If you discover a great site on the web, don't you want to let you friends know? Here's how to share web sites easily via Hotmail emails.

Set Up Hotmail for Lazy but Correct Replies
Make sure replies you write in Hotmail, while easy to compose, are also nicely formatted and a pleasure to look at.

Specify a Reply-To Address in Hotmail
Receive replies to your Hotmail messages at a different email account.

There's a Size Limit When Sending Attachments with Hotmail
You can send anything with Hotmail by attaching it to a message unless it's too big.

How to Use the Hotmail Spell Checker
Let Hotmail correct your spelling mistakes (and make fun of its silly suggestions in return).

Turn on the Rich-Text Editor in Hotmail
Get a text formatting toolbar for Hotmail and write your emails using custom fonts, bold face, graphical smileys, and more fun tools.

Use Fancy Fonts in Hotmail Emails
Hotmail says good-bye Courier, hello Franklin Gothic, and Garamond, and Comic Sans, and... Here's how to use custom fonts in emails you compose in Hotmail.

Use Rich Formatting in Your Hotmail Signature
In Hotmail, you can beef up your signature with custom fonts, with bold face and italics, with graphical smileys even.

What the Question Marks Mean in Hotmail and How to Remove Them
Is your Hotmail Inbox full of question marks and you do not know why? Here's how the envelope icons became questionable and how to get rid of them.

When You've Forgotten Your Hotmail Password
If you cannot remember the password to your Hotmail account, here are ways to create a new one — and get to your mail, too.

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