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Hanukkah Greeting Cards

Chanukah remembers the Maccabees victory. It is a holiday of lights and gifts, and Hanukkah is also a holiday of great greeting cards.
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Menorah Windowsills - Free Hanukkah E-Card
The chanukiah, lit on many a windowsill and in your e-card, spreads Hanukkah cheer.

Favorite Hanukkah E-Card Sites
Hanukkah's eight days of light brighten the oft-dark days of Kislev and Tevet. Spread the light with a menorah, of course, and spread it along with happiness and your best wishes using e-cards. Here are some favorite sites for sending Hanukkah e-cards.

1001 Postcards Hanukkah Postcards
The lyric qualities of a heartfelt "Happy Hanukkah" are accompanied by animations (but not obliterated by them) and simple, but gripping images in the Hanukkah cards at 1001 Postcards.

123Greetings.com Hanukkah Greeting Cards
Light up the peace with warm wishes or the snow of happiness. 123Greetings.com has the right card for just about every Hanukkah taste.

365Greetings.com Hanukkah Cards
Send Hanukkah greetings with brightly lit hanukkiyot in various styles from 365Greetings.com.

American Greetings Hanukkah Ecards
Light, peace, and happiness. That's what Hanukkah is all about, and it also sums up the Hanukkah greetings American Greetings has put up for sending very well.

BirthdayAlarm.com Hanukkah Greeting Cards
Filled with quirk and fun and love, BirthdayAlarm.com's cards make Hanukkah a joyful affair for sender and, it is to be hoped, recipient alike.

Blue Mountain Hanukkah eCards
For Hanukkah and the days betwixt Hanukkahs, wish happiness, peace and love with Blue Mountain's delightfully drawn and spiritedly animated greeting cards.

BlueMountain.com Hanukkah Holiday eCards
It's flashing and (en)lightening everywhere, but there's also enough room for peaceful Hanukkah blessings in BlueMountain.com's Hanukkah section of holiday greetings.

Care2 Animated Hanukkah E-Cards
Show you care — for Hanukkah with these nice and friendly cards; and for the environment as Care2 donate part of their revenue to environmental organizations.

DaySpring Hanukkah E-Cards
Send light and candles with fine Hanukkah cards from DaySpring.

Deepestfeelings Festival of Lights E-Cards
At Deepestfeelings, Hanukkah is a festival of lights and delights you can send by e-card. Be it a sole candle or fireworks, the festival of lights of glowing.

E-Cards.com Hanukkah E-Cards
Simple images aplenty and some animation, too, let you send swift and charming Hanukkah greetings from the original e-cards.com site.

FunUtilities.com Hanukkah eCards
Simplicity makes the images at FunUtilities.com so great a manner to send Hanukkah greetings.

GreetingSpring Hanukkah Ecards
The dreidel dances better in 3D; at GreetingSpring, it sings, too, for a happy Hanukkah.

Hallmark Hanukkah Ecards
Send the glow and glee of Hanukkah with a pick from Hallmark's appealing and expertly done greeting card collection.

Hanukkah Greetings from atmgreetings.com
Glowing light and rich colors make for a peaceful and heartfelt Hanukkah in the animated atmgreetings.com e-cards.

HDgreetings Chanukah Ecards
HDgreetings lets you send a short film festival for Hanukkah — and add your own photo and message, too.

HiGreetings.com Hanukkah eCards
At HiGreetings.com, you can pick from many a Hanukkah greeting to send. Many cards come as videos, many include music, and some are simple, peaceful messages.

Hillel's Chanukah eCards
Sweet, simple and topical Hanukkah greetings from Hillel, a Jewish campus life organization.

Hipster Cards Hanukkah Ecards
Oy, vey! Another holiday! And with Hipster Cards' great Hanukkah greetings it's going to be a nice one, too.

JibJab Hanukkah eCards
Even if you do not fancy starring in a rap, hora dance or Christmas song video this Hanukkah, you can find an entertaining Hanukkah greeting card or video to send. (There's a rock clip optionally starring you, for example&ldots;) Lots of Hanukkah fun and pun at JibJab.

Katie's Cards Hanukkah E Cards
Send a neatly painted Hanukkah frenzy with dreidels and menorah from Katie's Cards.

Ojolie Hanukkah eCard
Under the menorah lighting up house and window, a cat plays with the Dreidel in this warmly drawn and spiritedly animated Hanukkah greeting card at Ojolie.

Perfect Greetings - Hanukkah
Spread messages of peace and fun with songs, stories and more in Perfect Greetings' Hanukkah cards.

Plaxo Hanukkah eCards
Classy designs mixed with charm make nice Hanukkah greetings at Plaxo.

Punchbowl Hanukkah eCards
Be prepared: you may want to touch the screen to feel if the cards are real. Shaped in the fashion of physical cards made from heavy paper, Punchbowl cards certainly do look the part. For Hanukkah, they come in wonderfully graphic and enticingly ornamental designs. You pick the font and colors, rubber and postage stamps, writing and, in some cases, a photo to include.

Regards.com Chanukah Greeting Cards
Share Hanukkah fun with the mostly quirky cards found at Regards.com.

Sloppy Kiss Cards Hanukkah Cards
Join Sloppy Kiss Cards' dogs celebrating Hanukkah in the most delightful of manners. (Sloppy Kiss Cards Hanukkah greetings are also available starring other pets and cats in particular.)

USA Greetings Hanukkah Cards
Animations of all sorts enliven the Hanukkah greetings —— which lack not in solemnity and peace —— you can send from USA Greetings.

VerveCards Hanukkah Greetings
Everything's a-twistin when the dreidel spins. At VerveCards, colors convene, shaped into many a latke, fantastic candles or, of course, hippie Hanukkah.

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