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GROSX (Google Reader for Mac OS X) 0.1.4 - Google Reader Notifier

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GROSX (Google Reader for Mac OS X)

GROSX (Google Reader for Mac OS X)

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

GROSX (Google Reader for Mac OS X) integrates Google Reader with Mac OS X by making it the default feed reader, announcing new items through Growl, and by providing easy access and preview from the menu bar. More options for treating certain Google Reader in certain ways and possibly better preview organization could improve GROSX even further.
GROSX is no longer available.

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  • GROSX announces new items in Google Reader via Growl and the OS X menu bar
  • You can see item headlines in GROSX and go directly to the full articles
  • GROSX lets you make Google Reader the default Mac OS X news feed reader and can filter by label


  • GROSX cannot preview items grouped by feed, date or label and does not show more than headlines
  • Options to get alerts for certain labels or items in certain ways would be nice
  • GROSX lacks an interface for choosing the default OS X news feed reader


  • GROSX integrates Google Reader with Mac OS X.
  • A menu bar item provides fast access to Google Reader and individual headlines.
  • New items can also be announced using Growl.
  • GROSX makes Google Reader your default RSS feed reader for Mac OS X.
  • You can limit GROSX to check only a particular label.
  • GROSX supports Mac OS X 10.4.

Guide Review - GROSX (Google Reader for Mac OS X) 0.1.4 - Google Reader Notifier

If you use Google Reader to follow the news feeds of your favorite sites, you probably appreciate the independence from individual computers or operating systems it brings. Of course, that does not mean you could not — or should not — enhance Google Reader on this computer using this operating system, OS X.

Using the aptly named GROSX (Google Reader for Mac OS X), you can not only make Google Reader the default Mac OS X news feed reader (which kicks into play when you subscribe to a feed in Safari, for example) but get nice announcements of new articles, too.

With the help of Growl, GROSX shows headlines in bezels, pop-ups and other sophisticated styles. The same headlines can be seen via a the OS X menu bar, too, and you can open articles with a single click (things thus opened are marked read in Google Reader).

While GROSX can show you headlines from only a selected label, it does not group headlines by feed or label. Of course, further customization that alerts you of only certain labels' items while others are accessible from the menu item, for example, would be nice. GROSX also never shows more than 20 headlines or parts of the descriptions belonging to the headlines.

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