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How to Import ICS Calendar Files in iCal


Whatever the format, history or initials, your old calendaring application just spit out your entire collection of events and appointments as "ICS" files. Hopefully, iCal will accept these and swallow them whole.

Fortunately, it will. You've got options, too: you can merge events from imported .ics files with existing calendars, for example, or have them appear as a new calendar.

Import ICS Calendar Files in iCal

To import events from an .ics file into a new or existing iCal calendar:

  • Open iCal.
  • Select File | Import | Import… (or File | Import… | Import…) from the menu.
  • Find and highlight the desired .ics file.
  • Click Import.
  • Select the iCal calendar to which you want the imported events added.
    • Select New Calendar to create a new iCal calendar for the imported schedule.
  • Click OK.
  • If prompted Some of the events in this calendar have alarms that open files or applications:
    • Click Remove Unsafe Alarms to avoid all security risks from calendar alarms that open potentially harmful applications and documents.
    • Check all desired alarms for future events are set.

(Updated August 2011)

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