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How to Go to Any Date Fast in Google Calendar


A balloon trip in three years? And what did I do last July that might have led to sales taking off?

To reach these dates, you can click the Google Calendar's overview calendar like a telegrapher sending morse code; or you dial in the exact date you want directly.

Go to Any Date Fast in Google Calendar

To jump to any date in Google Calendar:

  • Make sure Jump to date is enabled (see below).
  • Select the desired date from the Jump to date box.
    • If you cannot see the Jump to date field,
      make sure the right navigation pane is visible — click the leftward arrow at the rightmost edge of Google Calendar and
      make sure the Jump to date box is expanded — click the Jump to date header.
  • Click the Jump to date button.

Enable "Jump to date" in Google Calendar

To turn on Google Calendar's jump-to-date box:

  • Follow the Settings link in Google Calendar.
  • Go to the Labs tab.
  • Make sure Enable is selected for Jump to date.
  • Click Save.

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