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How to Hide Your Location in Google Buzz mobile


Isn't it nice to leave an anonymous note behind the bush by the birds at the lake?

But wait! You're not anonymous on Google Buzz and, well, you're not at the lake either: you're at home, perhaps, broadcasting your location with street and number precision for the world or at least the private group to which you post to see.

If that's not what you intend, you can hide your location and leave a note, too, somewhere on the internet. (You can still include your whereabouts in the post itself, of course, in a tad more fuzzy a manner perchance: "Lots of snow on this French plateau!")

Hide Your Location in Google Buzz mobile

To hide your location from a post you compose in Google Buzz mobile:

  • Select the x next to the location that appears at the bottom as you compose your post.

Your choice should be preserved. The next post you compose will be without location information automatically. You can also make location hiding the default.

To make hiding your location the default in Google Buzz mobile:

  • Choose the right arrow next to the location at the bottom of the post as you compose it.
    • If you cannot see the arrow, you can select + to insert your current location.
  • Select Hide location all the time under My Location setting.

Adding your location to a future Buzz post may reset the default to including your location information.

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