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How to Contact GMX Mail Support


Logging in, sending mail, filtering spam, filing messages, accessing via IMAP, et cetera: there's much that can go wrong in GMX Mail. Usually, it does not, but when you do have encountered a problem, you can let GMX Mail support know and get help.

Contact GMX Mail Support

To send a message or bug report and get help from GMX Mail support:

  • Open the GMX Mail feedback form.
    • Type your name under Your name.
    • Enter your primary GMX Mail address (including the domain name) under Your GMX Email Address.
    • If you cannot access your GMX Mail account or want to receive a reply at a different address, type that address under Your Contact Email Address; otherwise, you can use your GMX Mail address there.
    • Pick the problem area under Your Topic.
    • Put your question or problem in the Your Message/Question field.
      • Include as much information as possible.
        If there are steps you can take to produce the problem you're seeing, for instance, list them; if you get an error message in GMX Mail, your browser or your email program, try to reproduce it in full.
    • Optionally:
      • State when you first encountered the problem under When did your problem occur?.
      • Date your last successful use of GMX Mail under When was your last successful login?.
      • Select your internet connection's speed under How fast is your internet connection?.
  • Click Send

(Updated November 2011)

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