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How to Add an Email Alias to Your GMX Mail Account


One address for espousing M-theory; another for extolling loop quantum gravity's merits; a third, of course, for praising noncommutative geometry.

In GMX Mail, you don't have to set up separate accounts for different interests, activities and rules. You can set up alias addresses instead. Emails sent to these addresses will arrive in your familiar GMX Mail inbox, and you can send emails using the alternate addresses right from GMX Mail as well, of course.

Add an Email Alias to Your GMX Mail Account

To set up a new email address to use with your existing GMX Mail account:

  • Select Settings in GMX Mail.
  • Make sure you are on the E-Mail tab.
  • Open the Create Alias Address category.
  • Click Create New E-Mail Address under Create Alias Address.
  • Type the part of your new email address in front of '@' under desired username.
  • Pick a GMX Mail domain under gmx.com.
  • Click Check.
  • If your desired user name and domain is not available, try with a different combination.
    • You can try a different domain or edit your desired user name — or both, of course.
  • Click Create.
  • To make the newly created address your default in GMX Mail:
    • Highlight the desired address under Create Alias Address.
    • Click Set As Default.
    • The default address is selected automatically as the "From:" address when you start a new message; if you reply to (or forward) an email set to a different address you use with GMX Mail, that address will be selected automatically instead.
  • Click OK.

To pick the email address from which a message is sent in GMX Mail:

  • Click the email address (and, possibly, name) that appears next to From: when you compose a message in GMX Mail.
  • Select the desired address from the menu that pops up.

(Updated November 2011)

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