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How to Set Up Gmail Subfolders and Nested Labels


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One label for mom, one for dad, one label for this project and one for that.

To organize mail, Gmail's labels are impeccably useful: you can add any conversation to any number of labels, after all, and create as many labels as you need.

Now, of course, you have to organize your labels. To organize labels, Gmail's labels are pretty useful: you can nest them like folders, after all, in a hierarchy of labels.

Set Up Gmail Subfolders and Nested Labels

To create a subfolder or nested label in Gmail:

  • Click the Settings gear near Gmail's top right corner.
  • Follow the Settings link in the menu that comes up.
  • Go to the Labels tab.
  • To create a new nested label:
    • Click Create new label under Labels.
    • Type the new label's desired name under Please enter a new label name:.
  • To move an existing label beneath another label:
    • Click edit under Actions for the label you want to move.
  • Make sure Nest label under: is checked in the New Label or Edit Label dialog.
  • Pick the label under which you want the label to reside from the Please select a parent… menu.
  • Click Create or Save.

A parent label will become bold when any of its sub-labels contains an unread message.

(Updated March 2014)

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