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How to Import Your Yahoo! Mail Messages and Contacts Into Gmail


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Since 1997, you've had your Rocke… your Yahoo! Mail account. You have always been satisfied; you are trustworthy and loyal.

You are also explorative and interested, of course; interested in new things like Gmail.

What better way to give Gmail a try than to throw all your old mail at it. Let's see how it copes and how fast it searches!

Of course, you can also import your old messages and contacts conveniently after you've already decided in favor of Gmail.

Import Your Yahoo! Mail Messages and Contacts Into Gmail

To copy your Yahoo! Mail messages, folders and address book to Gmail:

  • Copy all messages you want to migrate from your Yahoo! Mail Trash and Spam folders to the Yahoo! Mail Inbox.
  • Click the Settings gear in your Gmail.
  • Select Settings from the menu that comes up.
  • Go to the Accounts and Import tab.
  • Click Import mail and contacts under Import mail and contacts:.
    • If you have previously imported mail, click Import from another address.
  • Type your Yahoo! Mail address under What account do you want to import from?.
  • Click Continue.
  • Enter your Yahoo! Mail password under Enter the password for example@yahoo.com:.
  • Click Continue.
  • Make sure Import contacts and Import mail are checked.
  • To have messages that arrive at your Yahoo! Mail address automatically appear in your Gmail inbox for a month, check Import new mail for next 30 days.
  • Optionally, check Add label to all imported mail:.
    • This label lets you easily spot all imported mail in one place. You can always remove the label from individual messages later or delete it altogether.
    • Messages imported from Yahoo! Mail folders other than your Inbox will automatically get a label derived from the folder name. All mail imported from your Yahoo! Mail "Clients" folder will bear the "Migrated/Clients" label after import, for example.
    • Mail in your Drafts, Trash and Spam folders will not be imported.
    • All messages and contacts will of course still be available in Yahoo! Mail after the import has finished.
  • Click Start import.
  • Click OK.

With a Yahoo! Mail Plus subscription, you can also have Gmail download new mail automatically.

(Updated May 2009)

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