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How to Undo, Undelete, Unarchive, Unlabel and More in Gmail


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"Undue" may not be the only word to describe what you just did; it is the one that jumps up and down to the foreground of your mind, however: undue, undue, undue, undo!

In Gmail, you can take back most actions — undue labeling, excessive deletion or even premature sending. It's easy, too.

Undo, Undelete, Unarchive, Unlabel and More in Gmail

To take back an action (and even an email) in Gmail:

  • Click undo in the yellow notification area confirming your latest action.
    • If you do not see the notification area, scroll to the top.
  • After the notification has faded:
    • Press z.

Note that you can only undo the latest action. Pressing z repeatedly has no additional effect.

Quickly Visit a Recently Deleted Message

If you have deleted a message recently, you do not have to open the Trash in Gmail. You can find it in your browser history (or the Back button); it should open just fine.

Unsend in Gmail

To undo sending emails, make sure Undo Send is enabled.

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