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How to Send a Message to a Group Fast in Gmail


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Now that you have turned the lists of recipients so frequently co-occuring in your To:, Cc: or Bcc: fields into Gmail address book groups, let's start making good use of these groups. Sending mail to a list of people could not be easier!

Send a Message to a Group Fast in Gmail

To address a message to an address book group in Gmail:

  • Create a new message.
  • Type your email address in the To: field.
    • You can also try leaving this field blank. Gmail will send your message, but some mail servers may refuse to deliver it due to its non-conforming incompleteness.
  • Click Add Bcc.
  • Type the name of the desired group in the Bcc: field.
    • Gmail will complete the name and append "(group)" to indicate a list. The list is automatically expanded, so you'll see the individual group members in the Bcc: field and can add or remove individual addresses.
    • To insert only some recipients from the group, click Bcc:, select the group from the Most Contacted drop-down menu and click the desired addresses.
  • Compose the message and click Send.

Mailing Many

Keep in mind that any email you send from Gmail can have at most 500 recipients (100 if you send from your email program). Long before your group approaches that limit — when it surpasses, say, 50 members —, consider using a group mailing service.

Mailing Few Fast

For smaller groups, you can also rely on Gmail suggesting likely recipients automatically without any effort of yourself, or choose recipients from your address book.

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