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How to Comment on Google Buzz Posts by Email


Emails are perfect for the private and personal; social networks for the communal and shared.

With Google Buzz, the shared post appears just fine in your email program, of course, for you to read — and to respond by comment for the community to see.

Comment on Google Buzz Posts by Email

To add a comment to a Google Buzz post by email:

  • Open the Buzz message in your email program or service.
  • Create a new reply to the message.
  • Write your comment in the reply.
    • You can add your comment either on top of the reply or on the bottom, following the original quoted message; just writing your new comment and deleting all quoted text will work as well.
    • You can @ reply to an email address to deliver your comment to that person's inbox (and add them to the Buzz conversation if they had not yet been part of it).
  • Send the reply.

Gmail creates a new comment to the Google Buzz post. The Buzz message in your email program will be replaced with one that includes your comment.

Note: to reply to the Google Buzz post author by email alone, create a new reply to the Buzz message and replace the automatically entered recipient in the To: line with the author's email address. Unfortunately, you have to find and fill in that address manually.

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