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How to Unlock Gmail for a New Email Program or Service


It is good, of course, that Gmail protects your account from obscure and dubious attempts to log in—even when the user name and password appear all right and legit.

Not all log-on attempts that seem spurious to Gmail are illegitimate, though, and warranting protection. If you've just tried to set up Gmail in a new email program (or service) and got but slightly obscure and possibly dubious error messages (in addition to the message in Gmail on the web: "Warning: We prevented a recent suspicious login attempt") though you checked and re-typed your user name and password more than once, you may have but to authorize the new client with Gmail.

Preventing Gmail from blocking wanted access is, thankfully, mostly straight-forward an affair.

Unlock Gmail for a New Email Program or Service

To allow a new email program that Gmail has blocked as suspicious access to your account:

  • Have the email program or service that has failed to access your Gmail account ready.
  • Visit the Allow a new application to access your account page at Google.
    • Log in to the desired Gmail account if prompted.
  • Click Continue.
  • Within 10 minutes, have the previously blocked email service or program check for new messages.

Gmail will remember the email client, device or service, of course, and allow it access to your account in the future (so long as it uses the correct user name and password for logging in).

(Updated July 2012)

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