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How to Share an Image Attachment on Google+ in Gmail


The snapshot was in the email, conveniently attached for download and sharing on your display.

What about sharing with people whose eyes do not lurk behind your shoulder? You forward the email (and attachments), of course.

What about the people who prefer to see your images in Google+, though? You can download the images, of course, and upload them for a new post in Google+; or you share them directly from Gmail.

Share an Image Attachment on Google+ in Gmail

To share an attached photo or graphic on Google+ right from Gmail:

  • Open the email that contains the image attachment.
  • Click Share next to the file you want to post to Google+.
    • To share all attached images, click Share all images in the attachment header area. (You can delete individual images later from the album shared on Google+.)
  • Optionally, enter your comments under Add a comment….
  • To pick recipients for the shared photos:
    • Click Add circles or people to share with… or Add more people.
    • Select
      • any circle to share with people in that circle;
      • Your circles to share with people in any of your circles;
      • Extended circles to share with people in any of your circles and people these have in any of their circles; and
      • Public to post the photos to your public Google+ profile.
    • Start typing anybody's name to share with them personally.
    • To ensure people in a circle are notified (otherwise they only see the post), move the mouse over the circle in the sharing list and make sure Notify about this post is checked.
    • To remove a circle or recipient, click the x next to the undesired circle or recipient; click the x next to Public to prevent the post from appearing on your Google+ profile for all to see.
  • Click Share.

(Updated December 2011)

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