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How to Add a Sender to Your Gmail Address Book Fast


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A new person, a new friend, a new email address! — A new contact, too?

In Gmail, when anybody not yet in your address book sends you an email, turning them into a contact is easy and fast; no questions asked.

Add a Sender to Your Gmail Address Book Fast

To turn an email's sender into a contact in your Gmail address book swiftly:

  • Open a message from the sender you want to save to your Gmail address book.
  • Click the down arrow (More) next to the Reply button in the top right corner of the email message.
  • Select Add ___ to Contacts list from the menu that comes up.

To edit the just-added contact further:

  • Open Contacts in Gmail.
  • Start typing the contact's name or email address in the search field.
  • Use auto-completion to select the desired contact.
    • If Gmail does not suggest the contact for which you are looking:
      • Hit Enter.
      • Click the desired entry in the search results.
  • Make all desired changes or additions.
  • Click Save now.
    • You can also wait for Gmail to save your edits automatically.

(Updated November 2012)

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