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Gmail Notifier - Firefox Extension 0.5.6

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Gmail Notifier Firefox Extension

Gmail Notifier Firefox Extension

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Gmail Notifier informs you about new messages in a Gmail account via icons in either a Mozilla Firefox toolbar or the status bar, and you can learn which Gmail labels have unread messages, too. It's a pity Gmail Notifier does not display sender or subject information and offers no way to open individual emails directly.


  • Gmail Notifier lets you know about new Gmail messages in Firefox tool- and status bars or sound
  • You can see which labels unread messages belong to
  • Gmail Notifier Firefox Extension takes you right to the Inbox and labels, or to composing mail


  • Gmail Notifier does not preview senders or subjects of new Gmail messages
  • You cannot open individual emails directly from the Gmail Notifier Firefox Extension
  • Gmail Notifier Firefox Extension checks only one Gmail account


  • Gmail Notifier in an extension for Firefox that checks a Gmail account for new mail.
  • New messages are announced using toolbar and status bar icons as well as sound.
  • Gmail Notifier displays labels and their unread count in a hover window over icons.
  • You can open your Inbox, individual labels and the Gmail composition screen from Gmail Notifier.
  • Gmail Notifier supports Mozilla Firefox 1.x.

Guide Review - Gmail Notifier - Firefox Extension 0.5.6

For many a task, the browser is the computer — and more. It informs, it entertains, and it connects you with others by way of blogs, forums or slick web-based email services such as Gmail. Of course, you can have Gmail open in a tab or browser window at all times to see when new mail arrives. But wouldn't that be a waste of resources? And will the notification be prominent enough?

If you fancy a better way to get notified of new Gmail emails without leaving your browser, the Gmail Notifier extension for Mozilla Firefox is ready to serve and check and announce. You can place icons in both a toolbar and the Firefox status bar, and Gmail Notifier can play a sound when new mail arrives, too. Keeping track not only of your Inbox, Gmail Notifier can display which of your Gmail labels have unread messages.

While it's easy to open individual labels directly from Gmail Notifier, Gmail Notifier does not display information — such as the sender or the subject — about incoming emails, and you cannot open individual messages directly either.

If you have more than one Gmail account, you may find Gmail Notifier's checking only one of them a bit limiting. A way to introduce Firefox-wide keyboard shortcuts for common Gmail actions might be nice.

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