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Gmail Checker Widget 1.6 - Gmail Mail Checker

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Gmail Checker Widget

Gmail Checker Widget

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Gmail Checker Widget, in all its splendid simplicity, indicates new unread messages in a Gmail account with the aptitude of a mail stamp. It's a pity no details about the messages received emerge, and that Gmail Checker Widget cannot be configured to only look at certain labels or ignore others.


  • Gmail Checker Widget indicates new messages in a Gmail account in the nonchalant manner of a stamp
  • Multiple Gmail Checker widgets can check multiple Gmail accounts
  • You can go to your Gmail Inbox directly from Gmail Checker Widget


  • Gmail Checker Widget does not display any message details (such as senders)
  • You cannot configure individual Gmail labels to be checked or ignored by Gmail Checker Widget
  • Gmail Checker Widget does not indicate by color the number of messages


  • Gmail Checker Widget indicates new mail waiting in a Gmail account.
  • You can watch multiple Gmail accounts using multiple Gmail Checker widgets.
  • Unread messages are indicated by a change in Gmail Checker stamp-shaped widget's color and value.
  • A click on Gmail Checker Widget takes you to your Gmail account in the default browser.
  • Gmail Checker Widget supports Mac OS X 10.4+.

Guide Review - Gmail Checker Widget 1.6 - Gmail Mail Checker

At any given time, there are probably more Gmail checking widgets for the OS X Dashboard than there are unread messages in your Gmail Inbox. And why not? Each has its own special slant.

Gmail Checker Widget's is classical class combined with easy to grasp greatness — the greatness of simplicity. When no unread mail is waiting, Gmail Checker Widget is blue. With at least one new message to tend to, Gmail Checker Widget and Queen Elisabeth II's stamp-tested face turn red, but not in an alarming fashion. The value of Gmail Checker Widget's stamp is the number of new emails waiting, and a click takes you to your Gmail Inbox immediately.

Sadly, this is also all there is to Gmail Checker Widget. Neither does Gmail Checker Widget display any info about the messages demanding your attention nor can you initiate new messages from it. What is particularly missed, though, is the ability to configure Gmail Checker Widget to look at certain Gmail labels specifically. Multiple Gmail Checker widgets — each watching a distinct label — would then be even more useful.

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