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How Can I Remove "On Behalf of" in Gmail?


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Question: How Can I Remove "On Behalf of" in Gmail?
Emails you send from Gmail using another email address appear in Outlook as "from me@gmail.com on behalf of me@example.com"? Here's how to remove "on behalf of" from Gmail.
Answer: To remove "on behalf of" and your Gmail address from messages you send in the Gmail web interface using another email address:
  • Follow the Settings link in Gmail.
  • Go to the Accounts tab.
  • Click edit info next to the desired email address.
  • Click Next Step ››.
  • Make sure Send through example.com SMTP servers is selected under Send mail through your SMTP server?.
  • Enter the SMTP server name for the email address under SMTP Server:.
  • Enter your email user name (usually either the full email address or what Gmail has already entered) under Username:.
  • Type the email account's password under Password:.
  • If the SMTP server supports secure SSL connections, make sure Always use a secure connection (SSL) when sending mail is checked.
  • Verify the SMTP port is correct: with SSL, 465 is the typical port; without, 587.
  • Click Save Changes.
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