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Top 50 Most Popular Free IncrediMail Letter Email Stationery


Why send plain text emails when you can deliver messages with beautiful background images, fantastic animations or cool effects? Here are the most popular free letter creations for IncrediMail.

(You can send each email background as an e-card, too; follow the letter's title and then use Preview & send as e-card.)

(Updated May 2014)

1. Happy New Year

Happy New Year - Free New Year's IncrediMail Letter
WebGals IncrediMail Stationery

Wishing a happy, flowery New Year.

2. Santa Wish List

Santa Wish List IncrediMail Letter
HVD IncrediMail

Write a wonderful wish list for Santa (or lovely Christmas greetings) with this IncrediMail letter.

3. Mother's Day Note

Mother's Day Note - Free Mother's Day IncrediMail Letter
Toni's Home of Stationery

Note: To mother with love.

4. Cat

Cat IncrediMail Letter
Catz Collections IncrediMail Letters
The perfect IncrediMail letter for your your cat—and for cat lovers.

5. Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day - Free Father's Day IncrediMail Letter
LongBraid Designs
Send Happy Father's Day wishes, and happy flowers.

6. Thanksgiving Greetings

Thanksgiving Greetings - Free Thanksgiving IncrediMail Letter
Eye Candy
Send Victorian Thanksgiving greetings for a better world.

7. Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day - Free Mother's Day IncrediMail Letter
LongBraid Designs
Beautiful flowers for a beautiful mother!

8. Pink Roses Valentine

Pink Roses - Free Valentine's Day IncrediMail Letter
Ellie's Treasures
Big feelings and big Valentine's Day greetings deserve a big, pink heart.

9. Love You Dad

Love You Dad IncrediMail Letter
hultshome.dk IncrediMail Letters
Father's Day spent comfortably rocking in a chair or in dad's lap is a day well enjoyed for both father and son.

10. Oh, Dad

Oh, Dad - Free Father's Day IncrediMail Letter
Chezmf IncrediMail Stationery
Oh, (what a wonderful) dad('s day letter)!

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