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Zenbe Mail Personal - Free Email Service

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Zenbe - Free Email Service

Zenbe - Free Email Service

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Zenbe Personal organizes your emails and attachments (from Zenbe and existing POP accounts) with labels and search — and integrates calendar, to-do list, twitter and Facebook updates, too.
With a focus on elegant simplicity, Zenbe Personal provides many sweet shortcuts but also shows quirks and omissions in others. The spam filter is good, but it would be great if IMAP access was possible for all folders (not just the inbox).
Zenbe Personal is no longer available.


  • Zenbe Personal lets you organize mail and attachments flexibly using labels and search
  • ZenPages make it easy to share and collaborate on the information contained in emails
  • Zenbe filters spam solidly, lets you use existing accounts and can be accessed using POP/IMAP


  • Zenbe IMAP access provides access only to the inbox
  • You cannot save searches and Zenbe cannot learn (say, what labels to apply) from your actions
  • Zenbe does not prevent remote images from loading automatically


  • Zenbe Personal offers free email accounts with 4 GB of online storage and POP as well as IMAP (inbox only) access.
  • You can organize messages and attachments using free-form tags and stars, and use powerful search.
  • Filters assign tags or stars and archive, delete or forward messages automatically. Messages can be grouped in threads.
  • Zenbe can fetch messages from existing POP accounts and lets you send from your any email address, too.
  • A potent spam filter moves junk mail out of the inbox and you can filter your inbox for mail from favorite contacts swiftly.
  • Calendar, to-do list and address book are integrated into Zenbe and can be viewed right alongside email.
  • ZenPages let you share emails, files, tasks, schedules, links and more. iPaper lets you view files right in the browser.
  • A sidebar puts Google Talk, facebook and twitter right alongside your email.

Guide Review - Zenbe Mail Personal - Free Email Service

An email service is about sending, receiving and keeping mail. Most of all, an email service today should put at your fingertips what you need when you need it.

Zenbe Personal makes it easy and inevitable to label emails. You can add as many to any email as make sense, and thus group them flexibly. Stars let you highlight the immediately important, and you can focus on messages from favorite contacts quickly. New emails automatically appear in context if they're part of an ongoing conversation. For older messages, Zenbe includes powerful search.

You cannot save searches as smart folders, though, or have Zenbe learn from your past labeling. The one folder Zenbe does organize automatically is "Spam", whence it quite precisely filters junk mail.

Of course, you already have an email account — and lots of mail in it that would profit from Zenbe organization. No problem: you can have Zenbe download mail from POP accounts and send using all your addresses, too. Unfortunately, seamless access to IMAP accounts is not available. Zenbe itself is accessible via POP and IMAP — the latter sadly just works for the inbox, though. No matter a message's origin, Zenbe's flexible filters can act on it automatically.

Zenbe does not stop organizing at your emails. There are attachments, for example: automatically extracted, Zenbe groups them as sharable files, and you can label them (though, oddly, there's little connection to email labels). How are the files shared? The same way emails are: by forwarding them — or by adding them to a ZenPage.

On these collaborative memory banks, you can share chats, files, images, links, emails, schedules and tasks. Of course, Zenbe also organizes your personal calendar and to-do lists in an easy to use manner. Zenbe calendar could integrate better with email, though, and detect events, for example.

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