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Gawab.com - Free Email Service

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Gawab.com - Free Email Service

Gawab.com - Free Email Service

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Gawab.com is a speedy, stable and very usable free email service with 10 GB online space, POP and IMAP access as well as many a web-based goodie.
It's a pity Gawab.com's IMAP implementation does not give you access to labels, and full message search is missing from the web interface.
Gawab.com is, alas, no longer available.


  • Gawab.com offers just shy of 10 GB of online storage as well as free POP and IMAP access
  • You can label, search mail fast and save search criteria as handy smart folders
  • Gawab.com lets you send mail from other accounts and can retrieve their mail, too


  • Gawab.com's spam filter could be even more effective does not offer IMAP access
  • Gawab.com lacks full message search


  • Gawab.com offers free web-based email accounts with 9.77 GB of online storage.
  • You can access a Gawab.com account in any desktop email program using IMAP or POP.
  • Conversely, Gawab.com can download mail from existing POP and IMAP accounts and lets you send mail from these addresses.
  • In Gawab.com, you can sort your mail using folders and free-form labels.
  • Labels, sender, date, subject, size and other criteria can be used to search once — or automatically in smart folders.
  • You can compose messages in plain text or using a rich-text editor — but also inserting HTML code manually.
  • Gawab.com can track mail you've sent and let you know, by way of an web beacon placed in your message, when it is opened.
  • A spam filter moves obvious junk out of your Gawab.com inbox and you can report spam (or false positives) easily.
  • Mail filters can file or forward messages automatically, and an out of office auto-responder replies while you're away.

Guide Review - Gawab.com - Free Email Service

From the Middle East, Gawab.com makes it easy to compose emails in Arabic script even if your operating system and browser do not. That is by far not all Gawab.com does — and not all it makes easy either.

It's easy, for example, to move mail to folders in Gawab.com or to add a label: all it takes is dragging and dropping. Not only can you set up labels freely and apply them to messages swiftly, you can also include them in Gawab.com's clever search folders together with other attributes (including size, date, subject and sender).

That, together with a swift search field for each folder, makes spotting important mail real simple. You cannot search your messages' full text however — either once or in a smart folder. It's also a pity that Gawab.com's filters can only move messages to folders and not, for example, label them. Gawab.com does filter out spam in quite effective a manner, but it could catch even more junk.

If you want your messages not only in a rich web environment but also on your desktop (in addition to Gawab.com's just shy of 10 GB of online storage), you can use POP to download them and IMAP to access them seamlessly. Unfortunately, Gawab.com does not offer access to labels via IMAP, only to Inbox, trash, sent and spam. It's great how can fetch mail from IMAP (and POP) accounts itself, though, and you can send mail using your any email address using Gawab.com on the web.

When composing mail, not only can you use rich text editing, a virtual Arabic keyboard and direct access to the HTML code behind your mail; Gawab.com lets you track message delivery with a small hidden image (not transparent to the recipient).

(Updated August 2012)

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