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BigString.com - Free Email Service

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BigString.com - Free Email Service

BigString.com - Free Email Service

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

BigString.com is a free 2 GB email service that includes rich secure and certified mail services and lets you password-protect, expire or edit sent messages, for example.
Unfortunately, BigString.com is not equally well equipped for handling incoming mail and lacks organizing tools.
BigString.com is no longer available.


  • BigString.com offers certified email functions (read receipts, editing and expiring of sent mail)
  • You can send emails from any address using BigString.com
  • BigString.com lets you send secure and password-protected messages


  • BigString.com includes POP access only as a premium feature
  • You cannot label messages or sort them in smart folders
  • BigString.com lacks keyboard shortcuts


  • BigString.com offers free email accounts with 2 GB of storage space (2 GB and POP access for paying users).
  • You can send from any of your addresses using the BigString.com web interface.
  • BigString.com messages can auto-destruct, and you can edit mail after it has been sent.
  • You can also track whether your messages are read with BigString.com, and make printing or forwarding difficult.
  • Secure and password-protected messages sent from BigString.com can only be opened through an SSL-encrypted web page.
  • Of course, BigString.com can also send and receive regular rich text email messages.
  • Message templates (in which you can allow for editable areas) make frequently sent messages a snap.
  • BigString.com can highlight mail containing your keywords and includes a spam filter.
  • You can record and send short video emails right inside BigString.com.

Guide Review - BigString.com - Free Email Service

Have you ever wanted to un-send an email, or to edit it—maybe add an attachment that you forgot—after it has been delivered. Couldn't it be useful (or at least fun) to write emails that self-destruct after they have been opened?

With BigString.com, you can do all that and track whether and when the messages you send have been opened, too. You can even make it hard to forward or print what you send. BigString.com also lets you send normal, rich emails (including video mail) using any of your addresses in the From: line.

BigString.com does not integrate S/MIME or OpenPGP email encryption and digital signatures, but you can send password-protected messages that can only be opened by the intended recipient using a secure SSL-encrypted web page. Using BigString.com's certified email services, you can prevent forwarding or even multiple openings by the recipient, of course.

Unfortunately, BigString.com is not quite so powerful when it comes to handling incoming mail. You can set up custom folders, flag messages and search your mail using a simple and appealing field, but you cannot set any advanced search criteria, save them as virtual folders or label messages freely. Overall, the BigString.com web interface is functional and quite fast. Keyboard shortcuts would be great, though.

On the plus side, again, are BigString.com's email templates. A bit clumsy, they let you create and use templates with editable areas for frequently sent by maybe slightly changing messages.

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