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MacFreePOPs 2.6 - Mac Webmail to POP Tool

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MacFreePOPs - Mac Webmail to POP Tool

MacFreePOPs - Mac Webmail to POP Tool

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

MacFreePOPs makes it easy to run FreePOPs on a Mac and access web-based email services such as Windows Live Hotmail in desktop email programs such as Mac OS X Mail. In addition to running FreePOPs as a service, MacFreePOPs gives you an approachable interface for tweaking settings or even watching log files. It's a pity MacFreePOPs inherits from FreePOPs the inability to send mail.


  • MacFreePOPs makes it easy to use FreePOPs for accessing web-based email accounts via POP on a Mac
  • An automatic update mechanism keeps you abreast of changes to MacFreePOPs and its webmail modules
  • MacFreePOPs makes it easy to configure FreePOPs options, view log files and control the service


  • MacFreePOPs does not help you with setting up accounts in various email programs
  • You cannot send mail through MacFreePOPs, only receive


  • MacFreePOPs lets you run, control and tweak FreePOPs on Mac OS X.
  • FreePOPs and its modules provide access to web-based email accounts via POP in any desktop email program.
  • MacFreePOPs can start and stop the FreePOPs service automatically, and a menu bar extra controls it.
  • You can change many FreePOPs settings (such as ports, browser mimicry and log level) via an easy interface.
  • A log file viewer lets you view and follow FreePOPs logging as it happens.
  • An automatic update mechanism installs updates to MacFreePOPs, FreePOPs and web-based email modules.
  • MacFreePOPs supports Mac OS X 10.4-6.

Guide Review - MacFreePOPs 2.6 - Mac Webmail to POP Tool

If all you need to see messages in your web-based email account is a browser and a password — no hard thinking is involved — a computer program should be able to push the web server's right buttons, too. It would then pick up the emails as they appear on screen and talk to an email program like a "normal" mail server to — presto! — let you download messages from web-based email services such as Windows Live Hotmail into desktop email programs like Mac OS X Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird.

MacFreePOPs is that smart tool. Or, to be more precise, it employs FreePOPs to do the actual translating and serving of mail.

MacFreePOPs, though, is the front-end that makes running FreePOPs a snap. You can start and stop the FreePOPs service (called a "daemon") manually or automatically and control it from the menu bar, too.

In addition to friendly access to FreePOPs settings, MacFreePOPs offers a handy tool for following log files for the unlikely event that downloading your mail does not work just right.

Since web-based email services often change, MacFreePOPs must as well. Fortunately, an automatic update mechanism takes the hassle out of this game of catching up.

Together with FreePOPs's many fine qualities, MacFreePOPs also inherits its few weaknesses — chief among them the lack of support for outgoing mail. You'll have to find a mail server that helps you out and accept that sent mail will not appear in your web-based email service's "Sent" folder.

A bit of help with setting up various accounts in the more popular email programs would be great, of course, as could be an interface to setting individual FreePOPs modules' options.

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failure..., Member nevermind2

i am very sorry to let you know that macfreepops 2.6 doesn't work on my macbook air with mail 3.6 for my yahoo account. It's sending the mails but not receiving them. Is constantly asking for the password but does not accept it. Server does not recognize it. I have manage before installing the macfree....to send mails by simply using pop.mail.yahoo.com and smtp.mail.yahoo.com but again i was not recieving them.....so your softwhere doen't work. If you have any sugestions please contact me.

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