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23 Favorite 4th of July—U.S. Independence Day E-Card Sites


You cannot send fireworks over email—fortunately. You cannot send corn on the cob over email—unfortunately. You can send images of those and all your best Independence Day greetings with fabulous e-cards, however.

Here are some of my favorite 4th of July e-card sites. Remember you can also send, for free, some U.S. Independence Day cards from this site, complete with short poems or holiday quotations:

1. Jacquie Lawson 4th of July E-Cards

Two doves and Chudleigh the chocolate Labrador raise the flag for the U.S. Independence Day in Jacquie Lawson's classy card.

2. Ojolie July 4th Independence Day E-Cards

Colorful origami cranes and a dove's white flight, propelled by inspiring music into a bright, peaceful and happy future: Independence Day at Ojolie.

3. Vintage 4th of July Postcards

Celebrate Independence Day with all the splendor and stateliness of vintage postcards at CardCow.com

4. AmericanGreetings.com 4th of July eCards

AmericanGreetings.com's many wonderful, high-quality greeting cards cover Independence Day's many angles beautifully.

5. BlueMountain Independence Day eCards

Paying BlueMountain members can choose from many finely crafted Independence Day greeting cards.

6. GroupCard Fourth of July E-Cards

Not only can you send beautifully done birthday cards to the United States from GroupCard, you can invite all your family, friends, colleagues and the nation to sign it. GroupCards can be sent as physical cards, too.

7. VerveCards 4th of July Greetings

Think sizzling. Picture fireworks. See beaches. Send all this and more with energy and verve at VerveCards. The cards are secure and self-contained, too, delivering all their goodness directly, right away.

8. Hallmark.com Independence Day E-Cards

The great greeting cards you can send from Hallmark.com breathe the air of freedom and are sure to wet the recipient's appetite for—anything good.

9. Katie's Cards July 4th E Cards

Meet Uncle Sam at the fair for Independence Day fireworks and a bald eagle at Mount Rushmore for the stars and stripes: it's july 4th with iconic and artful greetings at Katie's Cards.

10. E-Cards.com 4th of July E-Cards

From the original e-cards.com domain, a charmingly different take on U.S. Independence Day greetings.

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