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Top 33 Favorite Father's Day E-Card Sites


Typically, we know our fathers so well that they can surprise us every day with something new. Father's Day is a great day to catch dad off base with a pleasant surprise—why not (also) a fantastic email greeting?

Here are some of my favorite sites to compose and send Father's Day greetings. Remember you can also send, for free, some Father's Day cards from this site, complete with short poems or holiday quotations:

(Updated May 2014)

1. Jacquie Lawson - Father's Day E-Cards

Jacquie Lawson
Chudleigh the chocolate Labrador goes fishing, to Wimbledon, and golfing. These are by no means the only ways Jacquie Lawson's lovely designed Father's Day e-cards greet, relax and delight the receiving father, though.

2. AmericanGreetings.com - Father's Day E-Cards

If you have to pay to send a card, they'd better be really good. The Father's Day cards at AmericanGreetings.com are, and the collection of high quality cards is huge.

3. Hallmark.com - Father's Day E-Cards

It's not the biggest collection of Father's Day cards and not the fanciest, but Hallmark.com is full of high-quality e-cards for high-quality dads.

4. Paperless Post - Father's Day E-Cards

Dad will not feel the heavy paper's rugged structure on the screen — but he will see it, and, chances are, appreciate the classy cards impressed on it by the Paperless Post.

5. GroupCard - Father's Day E-Cards

You can send one of the beautiful, fun and enthralling Father's Day greetings at GroupCard alone, of course, and by email. You can also, the name says it, let others sign your card, though, and even have it printed.

6. Ojolie - Father's Day E-Cards

It's a perfect day in serenity and peace for the polar bear. Send your dad such a day with this wonderful Father's Day card from Ojolie.

7. Hipster Cards - Father's Day E-Cards

Leaning on the sarcastic side, Hipster Card's Father's Day greetings are perfect for any dad that can't be all too serious... i.e. for any dad.

8. BirthdayAlarm.com - Father's Day E-Cards

BirthdayAlarm.com offers many a great greeting card to celebrate, thank and praise dad.

9. Victorian Trading Company Greeting Cards - Father's Day E-Cards

To a man of distinction who is either a fruit or a vegetable, select among surprisingly hilarious or wonderfully nice Victorian era greeting cards.

10. JibJab - Father's Day E-Cards

Dad's a fun guy, and insightful, too. So he deserves funny JibJab greetings that are insightful, too.

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