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Top 36 Favorite Father's Day E-Card Sites


31. 1001 Postcards - Father's Day E-Cards

The cards for dads (and dad's day) number not exactly 1001 at 1001 postcards, but they're nicely done and easily sent al the same.

32. Regards.com - Father's Day E-Cards

There's nothing conventional (read: boring) about dad. And so the greeting card he gets for Father's Day should be outstanding (read: weird), too.

33. CarlsenCards - Father's Day E-Card

With CarlsenCards' "tools and bikes" mixer, dad can mix his own Father's Day hymn from hammers, bass, chainsaw, wrench and more.

34. E-Cards.com - Father's Day E-Card

Crude and charming, the Father's Day greetings from the original E-Cards.com are sure to delight with their quirks.

35. Sloppy Kiss Dog Cards - Father's Day E-Cards

One milestone after the other or pretty lazy. You've got the choice. The Sloppy Kiss Cards Father's Day e-cards and the dogs in them are cute either way.

36. Free Web Cards - Father's Day E-Card

The Father's Day cards at Free Web Cards are simple yet nice and fitting yet charming.
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