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How to Add Bcc Recipients in Eudora


Bcc (short for "blind carbon copy") recipients are a special breed of email recipients: they get a copy of the message but are not listed as recipients.

The other people who also get the email won't know that the email has also been sent to Bcc recipients, or who these recipients are. The Bcc recipients remain completely anonymous.

Add Bcc Recipients in Eudora

To add Bcc recipients to an email in Eudora:

  • Start creating a new message in Eudora.
  • Press Alt-B (think Bcc).
    • Alternatively, click in the Bcc: entry field.
  • Type the Bcc recipient's email address or insert her quickly from the Recipient List.
  • Continue composing your message.
  • Eventually, send it using the Send button.

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