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How to Make a Filter from a Message in Eudora


Filters that automatically sort incoming mail are wonderful, and they're best set up from existing messages in Eudora.

Make a Filter from a Message in Eudora

To create an incoming mail filter from an existing message in Eudora:

  • Highlight the message in the mailbox in Eudora.
  • Select Special | Make Filter from the menu.
  • Enter the details as you see fit.
    • You can filter on the sender (it's best to look for the email address only), any recipient or (part of) the subject.
    • By default, Eudora suggests you create a new mailbox named after the sender that the filter will move all mail to in the future, but you can also have it transfer messages to any existing mailbox (to select it, click on the In button) or delete them automatically.
  • Click Create Filter.

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