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Eudora Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Eudora is a great email client with many talents. Unfortunately, some of them can be a bit hidden. Undig them and get the most out of Eudora with these tips, tricks and howtos.
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Add a New Button to the Mac Eudora Toolbar
Get fast access to your most used commands and mailboxes in Eudora for the Mac.

Change X-Eudora Options on Windows
Get full control of Eudora by editing all its hidden settings quite comfortably.

Change X-Eudora-Settings in Eudora for Mac
Get access to all Eudora options by editing X-Eudora-Settings.

Check for New Mail Periodically with Eudora
Have Eudora do the mail checking for you — periodically and automatically.

Check the Spelling Only Upon Request in Eudora
Avoid unnecessary but distracting red lines and have Eudora check your spelling only when you want it to.

Clear Eudora's Ads Cache
If Eudora isn't getting ads any more (and complains about it), clear its throat.

Construct Complex Message Searches in Eudora
Find all emails older than 360 days that contain attachments, have an empty subject, but highest priority, and that were addressed to me by... Here's how to compose complex searches easily in Eudora.

Copy Formatting Easily in Eudora
Like the fonts, colors and styles in one place of an email you are composing in Eudora? Here's how to apply them to any other text easily.

Create a Folder to Organize Messages in Eudora
Folders, drawers, mailboxes, you name them. Here's how to create an organizational structure in Eudora.

Create a Message Template in Eudora
Make your email life easier with stationery in Eudora, and save lots of time with emails you send repeatedly.

Create a New Message from Stationery in Eudora
Start a new message from a template in Eudora to get started quickly.

Create a Signature in Eudora
Creating email signatures for all occasions is easy in Eudora.

Customize Eudora Message Labels
Use "Important!" instead of "Label 1", make the "Spam" label dark brown, and more by assigning custom colors and titles to message labels in Eudora.

Delete Attachments with Their Messages in Eudora
Keep your hard disk clean. Here's how to make Eudora delete all attachments that belong to an email when you delete the message itself.

Disable Overwrite Mode in Eudora
Disable overwriting your text by mistake in Eudora.

Display all Headers in Eudora
Make Eudora disclose all email header information (so you can trace a spammer, for example).

Don't Use a Signature for Forwards Automatically in Eudora
Forwarded emails need no signatures. Here's how to prevent Eudora from appending yours automatically when you forward a message.

Edit the From: Header in Eudora
Be whoever you want to be in Eudora. Here's how to edit the From: header of outgoing emails.

Empty the Trash Automatically When You Exit Eudora
Eudora takes the trash out for you! Here's how to make Eudora empty the "Trash" folder when you exit.

Eudora is Named After Writer Eudora Welty
Why would you name an email program Eudora? Find out how Eudora got its distinctive name.

Filter Yahoo! Mail Spam to a Special Folder in Eudora
Make use of Yahoo! Mail's spam filtering to move spam to a special folder automatically if you download your Yahoo! Mail in Eudora.

Find Out About Your Email Usage with Eudora
How many emails do you receive? How many of them do you read? How many do you send? Eudora knows it all.

Fine-Tune the Eudora Spell Checking Suggestions
Get suggestions from the Eudora spell checker that sound or look like the misspelled word.

Forward a Message with Eudora
Good emails want to be shared, and here's how to do it with Eudora.

Get New Mail Immediately in Eudora
After Eudora has checked for and downloaded mail in the background, have it filtered, moved and announced as well at the click of a button.

Get Warned When You Send Sensitive Mail Inadvertently in Eudora
Before you send the right email to the wrong person, Eudora can alert and possibly save you.

Get Warned When You're About to Send a Huge Mail in Eudora
Nobody likes to get (or send) very large emails. Eudora can help you avoid this faux pas by warning you whenever you are about to -- inadvertently -- send a message that exceeds a healthy size.

Have New Mail Processed Immediately in Eudora
Now show me my mail already! (No-time Toulouse) Here's how to make Eudora process incoming mail without delay.

How to Access Gmail with Eudora
Eudora goes Gmail and vice versa. Here's how to make Eudora send messages through and receive emails from your Gmail account.

How to Access Your Email Remotely From Another Computer and Location
Would you like to access your email not only from the computer at home or work but also remotely from any place and computer with an internet connection?

How to Add a Graphic or Animation to Your Signature in Eudora
Want to rev up your signature in Eudora by adding an animation? Here's how.

How to Add a Sender to Your Eudora Address Book Quickly
Leverage the emails you receive to build your Eudora address book — fast.

How to Add Bcc Recipients in Eudora
Send a message to Bcc recipients with Eudora to make sure they remain anonymous and unknown to the other recipients of the same email.

How to Add Custom Headers to Emails in Eudora
Add new (and normally hidden) text to the part of the emails you compose in Eudora that contains the sender and subject information.

How to Add People to the Recipient List in Eudora
Shortcut the most important people in Eudora.

How to Change a Message's Priority in Eudora
Set the right priorities in Eudora by easily changing the priority of an outgoing message.

How to Change the New Mail Sound in Eudora for Windows
Tell Eudora to play your favorite tune or sound (or noise) when new mail comes in.

How to Change the Quotation Level in Eudora Quickly
Add or remove excerpt bars quickly in Eudora and put your replies in shape.

How to Compact IMAP Folders Automatically in Eudora
When a certain amount of space is wasted in an IMAP folder, Eudora can automatically purge deleted messages.

How to Configure the Header Lines Displayed in Eudora
Even if "TabooHeaders" does not arouse your interest immediately it may be interesting. Using this hidden Eudora setting, you can tell it exactly which header lines you do or do not want to see in emails.

How to Deliver or Queue a Message Quickly in Eudora
Your keyboard is Eudora's command, and it offers one of the fastest ways to deliver an email.

How to Exclude an Account from Automatic Checking in Eudora
Do you want Eudora to check for new mail automatically, but not for all accounts? Here's how to exclude any email account from automatic mail checking and downloading.

How to Export Your Eudora Address Book
Want to use all the names, email addresses, phone numbers and other contact information stored in the Eudora address book in another email program or service? Here's how to export Eudora address book contacts to a CSV file.

How to Filter on Nicknames in Eudora
Never search and update your Eudora filters again when someone's email address changes.

How to Insert a Link in an Email with Eudora
Eudora lets you link from your emails directly to pages on the web so that recipients only have to click to go there.

How to Insert an Image Inline in an Email with Eudora
Not content with attaching your pictures to emails? Eudora lets you include them in the body of messages as well.

How to Label Messages Containing Attachments Automatically in Eudora
Have Eudora mark every message that contains a (potentially dangerous, or important) attachment automatically.

How to Make Links Work in Outlook Express, Outlook and Any Other Email
When you click the link to a web page in an email, nothing happens? Here's how to make links work again and open happily in your browser; works for Outlook, Outlook Express, and just about any other Windows email program.

How to Make Use of Eudora's Built-in Message Plug-Ins
Convert text to upper, lower and mixed case with ease in Eudora.

How to Mark Messages Read Quickly in the Eudora Preview Pane
Read as fast as you can click — here's how to mark messages read quickly in the Eudora preview pane by adding a useful button to the toolbar.

How to Print Multiple Messages in Eudora
Print, Eudora, print! Here's how to print multiple messages in one go with Eudora.

How to Protect Your Email with Password and Encryption in Windows
Want to make sure other people with access to your computer cannot open your mail? Here's how to protect your email program data with your Windows log-on password and maybe even encryption.

How to Remove an Attachment Before Sending in Eudora
Creating attachments is easy in Eudora, and removing them before you deliver the message is easy, too.

How to Save Search Criteria for Swift Query Repetition in Eudora
Once you have made a search find what you are looking for, save the criteria and Eudora lets you perform the same search again later with a single click.

How to Send a Message in Plain Text in Eudora
If you want to make sure your message is received and received well, send it in purely plain text with Eudora.

How to Send a Message to a Mailing List in Eudora
Distribute a message to multiple recipients easily and like a pro with Eudora.

How to Set Up Eudora for Lazy but Correct Replies
Start typing. Send. That's how hard crafting correctly formatted email replies can be in Eudora.

How to Specify the Delivery Date for a Message in Eudora
When ASAP is too soon, Eudora gets the timing right. Here's how to tell Eudora not to deliver a message before a certain date and time.

How to View the Source of an Email Message in Eudora
Getting to view the complete, full and total source of an email in Eudora is a bit of an adventure, but it works.

Include Multiple Messages in a Reply in Eudora
Including the original message in your reply is good. But including more than one message in your reply automatically in Eudora may be even better.

Insert a Signature in Eudora
Choose the appropriate signature and append it to your outgoing emails easily in Eudora.

Insert an Image in Eudora Stationery
Eudora refuses to insert a picture or logo inline in a message template? Here's how to place any image in any Eudora stationery nevertheless.

Insert Recipients Quickly and Comfortably in Eudora
Explore one of the fastest ways to address an email using Eudora, its "Recipient List" and your mouse.

Know What Compacting Mailboxes Means in Eudora
Will compacting mailboxes in Eudora make my messages smaller? Not quite, but find out yourself.

Label Mail Received at an Account Automatically in Eudora
Identify mail received at your important email account at a glance in Eudora.

Label Messages in Eudora
Colorize and categorize (and canonize) messages with labels easily in Eudora.

Label Messages Instantly in Eudora for Mac
Make messages very important, very personal or very being-worked-on — very fast in Eudora for Mac.

Make a Filter from a Message in Eudora
The fastest way to set up a new filter in Eudora is by using an existing message as a template.

Make Eudora Show All Header Lines by Default
Tired of pressing the "Blah Blah Blah" button to see all headers (or to hide them)? Here's how you can change whether Eudora displays all header lines automatically and by default.

Make Use of Stationery in Eudora
Stop typing the same message again and again and use Eudora message templates instead.

Move Mail Fast in Eudora with Contextual Filing
Eudora makes it fast to move messages to the right folder by... by highlighting... well, it's difficult to explain, but easy to try.

Move Messages via Drag-and-Drop in Eudora II
Move messages between open folders like crazy in Eudora.

Move Messages via Drag-and-Drop in Eudora
Moving messages from folder to folder in Eudora can be as easy as press, drag, release.

New Message With Attachment by Drag-and-Drop in Eudora
Send files faster with Eudora by creating messages containing attachments with swift mouse gestures.

Prevent Eudora from Asking You to Return Read Receipts
Set a hidden Eudora option that prevents it from asking you that tedious question whether you want to send a read receipt.

Prevent Eudora from Changing Your Default Internet Explorer Text Size
Eudora may be playing havoc with the font size in Internet Explorer. If you find the fonts changed back to "smaller" no matter what you do, try this.

Prevent Privacy Infringement by Graphics in Eudora
Tell Eudora not to download graphics in emails from remote servers, which can seriously compromise your privacy and security.

Prevent Toolbar Docking in Eudora
Prevent this docking behavior. Here's how to stop the Eudora toolbar from attaching to the main window when you drag it around.

Print Just a Portion of a Message in Eudora
Save paper and toner by printing just part of a message with Eudora.

Print More or All Header Information in Eudora
When printing an email in Eudora, you want to see the date when it was sent, who sent it and possibly other meta (header) information, too? Here's how to choose which headers to print in Eudora.

Put Your Eudora Data in a Different Folder or on a Network Computer
Move all your Eudora data including emails, settings, contacts to any directory, disk or network server.

Remove a Button from the Eudora Toolbar
Button, be gone. Getting rid of unused toolbar buttons is easy in Eudora.

Request a Return Receipt in Eudora
Want to know whether an email reached its recipient? Here's how to make Eudora help you find out for sure by requesting a return receipt.

Reset Email Usage Statistics in Eudora
Start a new email life, statistically, by resetting the statistics Eudora has collected about your email usage.

Reset Your Eudora .ini File
Lose your Eudora settings, and hopefully the problems, crashes and oddities you're experiencing with Eudora, too.

Save an Attachment via Drag-and-Drop in Eudora
Discover a comfortable, easy and convenient way to save attachments to any folder from messages in Eudora.

Search for Messages in Eudora
What did I write? When did I send it? Who am I? Eudora can help you answer these questions by searching your archived email messages.

Select Similar Messages Quickly in Eudora
Birds of one feather flocking together. With a single click, you can select similar messages in Eudora.

Send Plain Text Emails Only in Eudora
If you prefer good old and always fresh plain text in emails you receive and send alike, Eudora can make sure only pristine messages leave your computer.

Set up a Mailing List in Eudora
Create a mailing list in Eudora and distribute messages to multiple recipients with ease and elegance.

Set up a Vacation Auto-Reply in Eudora
Make Eudora reply for you while you take a vacation from email.

Specify a Default Signature in Eudora
Let no mail escape unsigned in Eudora. If you specify a default signature, it will be appended to all outgoing emails automatically.

Specify Default Stationery in Eudora
Set up a message template (containing your email letterhead, for example) that Eudora will use automatically for all new messages and replies.

The Difference Between Mailbox and Folder in Eudora
Mailboxes go to folders, and messages to mailboxes. Messages never go to folders, though, and mailbox have no idea what to do with folders. Here are the ins and outs of folder types in Eudora.

Thread Messages in Eudora
Emails of one feather, flock together in Eudora! Here's how to make Eudora group emails by thread so you can follow discussions in their logical order.

Turn Off Internet Explorer HTML Viewing in Eudora
View HTML emails with more security in Eudora by disabling Internet Explorer and make Eudora render the messages itself.

Turn off the MoodWatch Warning in Eudora
If the warning Eudora displays when it thinks you are about to send an email containing offensive language doesn't cool you off (but only gets you more upset), here's how to turn it off.

Use Small Buttons in the Eudora Toolbar
Half the button size means twice the space for more toolbar functionality in Eudora.

View Messages with All Pictures and Formatting Securely in Eudora
You have configured Eudora to stop all email pests in their tracks but still want to see selected emails from trusted senders in they way they were meant to be seen, with images, proper formatting and rich content?

What the Numbers in the Eudora Mailbox Corner Mean
Can I have your number? Learn to interpret the numbers that Eudora gives you as information about an email folder.

What to Do when Clicking a URL Freezes Eudora
If Eudora freezes whenever you click on a link in an email, try this tweak and start surfing again.

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