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Monty Python's Flying Circus - Vol. 8 (DVD)

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The Bottom Line

Some of the best episodes of Monty Python's groundbreaking comedy series including the "Spam" sketch that gave unsolicited email its name.
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  • Includes episode 25 with the famous "Spam" sketch
  • Plus three other hilarious episodes
  • And spam


  • Addictive
  • Decidedly British humor


  • Written and performed by Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones.
  • Contains four episodes: "Scott of the Antarctic", "Spam", "How Not to be Seen" and "Royal Episode 13".
  • DVD features: Meet the Chaps, Pythonism Glossary, Gillianimations, Useless Tidbits, and more.
  • Region 1 encoding.
  • 135 minutes runtime.

Guide Review - Monty Python's Flying Circus - Vol. 8 (DVD)

Not all episodes of Monty Python's "Flying Circus" are equally funny. With the episodes on this DVD you can't be wrong, however. Besides other hilarious episodes, sketches and some of Gilliam's fabulous surreal cartoons it contains the "Spam" sketch. Finally, you can find out why unsolicited email is named after food.
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