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Could you wake up to an email from outer space one day, or does the pope send electronic messages? Here's the place to find out about these and similarly breathtaking factoids (like, um, who wrote the first email, and did it say "Hoy, hoy?").
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When Was the First Spam Email Sent? What did it Advertise?
Spam surely is older than email: I got 74 examples of it today before receiving an email I liked. That sounds a bit fishy, does it not? Let's find out when the first commercial email was really sent — and what it advertised.

Does the Pope Use Email?
Find out whether the Holy Father is sending emails like you do, and if (and where) you can send him an email, too.

How Can I Email Bill Gates? What is Bill Gates's Email Address?
Want to email Bill Gates an important message? Find out what Bill Gates's email address is, whether your message will be read, and if you can expect a reply.

What is Homer Simpson's Email Address?
"The Simpson" are part of pop culture, and pop culture is part of "The Simpsons". This includes email, of course. At one point, Homer even reveals his email address.

Oddest Out of Office Auto-Replies
What were the most creative, or maybe silliest or most unfortunate vacation auto-replies you have received (or sent, of course)? In the office or out, answer here and read others' oddest out of office emails.

The First Email Message
How the development of a network that was a solution looking for a problem lead to the invention of email. Get the gripping story of the first email message.

'@' Has Its Own Special Morse Code
If you want to communicate your email address in dits and dahs, you can rely on a special code for the '@' symbol.

You're carrying it around with you all day long, use it numerous times and are happy that you don't have to write it by hand: @. Have you ever wondered what this @ in your email address is for? Or where it comes from? Here is a bit about both...

Monty Python's Flying Circus - Vol. 8 (DVD)
Some of the best episodes of Monty Pythong's groundbreaking comedy series including the "Spam" sketch that gave unsolicited email its name.

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