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Email Signature Etiquette

How long can your signature be, what information should it include, and is there a standard way to separate the signature from the mail email text? Find out about these and other email signature etiquette issues.
  1. Email Etiquette

Keep Your Email Signature to 5 Lines of Text
"Signature" is a synonym for brief and unobtrusive — or at least it should be, because overly long signatures in emails are an annoyance.

No Need for Street Addresses in Email Signatures
Come visit me, everybody! Unless you want everybody and the whole world to know where you live, don't include your street address in your email signature.

Use the Standard Email Signature Delimiter
Sign your signature correctly by employing the standard signature delimiter in your emails.

Where to Put Your Signature
Without a line sub-scripted "sign here", how do you decide where to place your email signature? Look here.

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