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Threadjacking Definition


Definition: Threadjacking (also threadwhacking) is to steer off the original topic in an email thread, especially on a mailing list. Threadjacking can also apply to other conversations on the internet, of course, say on message boards, blogs or social networking sites.

Whether the threadjacker changes the subject line to reflect the change in subject or retains the original email subject, to take over a thread can be regarded as threadjacking in either case.

Threadjacking can be both deliberate and, more commonly, inadvertent. Threadjacking can mess with email program and services organizing messages by conversation. A new topic in a threadjacked thread can be difficult to spot.

How to Avoid Threadjacking

To avoid threadjacking, create a new message in your email program or service to embark on a new conversation topic instead of replying to an existing email from the desired sender or list.

Also Known As: Threadwhacking
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