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Email Marketing Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Marketing via email is a tricky matter. It is powerful, but easily abused. It is easy, but really difficult. May these tips, tricks and secrets make it easy and powerful for you.
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Address Recipients with Their Name in Email Campaigns
Make your newsletter recipients feel more like themselves, less like mere numbers by greeting them individually and personally.

Avoid $$$ Signs in Email Marketing Campaigns
Why "$$$" won't bring you $$$.

Avoid Email Marketing During the Holidays
Holidays are often holidays from email, too. That's why email marketing during the holidays is often not very effective.

Avoid Mistyped Addresses by Requiring Retyping
Avoiding having people enter @htomail.cmo and @yhoo.com in the signup form for your newsletter.

Create a Clear Call to Action in Email Marketing Campaigns
Make sure recipients of your email marketing message know what you expect them to do (and what they can expect in return).

Defining Opt-In Email Marketing
My newsletter is "opt-in", sure! What that means? Um... well. yes.

Don't "Fix" Mistyped Email Addresses
Never fiddle with your subscribers' email addresses, not even if they obviously can't type.

Don't Forget the Preview Pane in Your Campaign
Move the boring stuff down the page, and greet recipients with your best offer instead.

Email Marketing Needs to Reflect Your Corporate Design
If it's your email marketing, make people see instantly that it is your email marketing.

Emphasize with Words, Not Exclamation Marks in Your Copy
The path to successful email marketing is not paved with exclamation marks.

Experiment with Link Placement in Newsletters
Maximize performance by putting the right links in the right places.

Get Subscribers Through Cooperation with the Competition
Make the pie of newsletter subscribers larger together.

Getting the Names of Anonymous Subscribers I
Turn your anonymous users into subscribers you can greet personally — by asking them for their name.

Getting the Names of Anonymous Subscribers II
Who doesn't want to be greeted with her name?

How to Get Newsletter Subscribers with Sweepstakes
Build your list with sweepstakes, but keep an eye on the quality of your subscribers.

How to Interpret Email Newsletter Open Rates
What the open rate of an email marketing campaign or newsletter can tell you -- and what it can't.

HTML or Plain Text: Let Your Recipients Decide
If you can't decide whether you should publish your newsletter as HTML or plain text, do both and let your recipients decide individually which they prefer.

Include an Easy to Use Unsubscription Link in Newsletters
Unhappy subscribers are worse than no subscribers. An easy and fail-safe way to unsubscribe is a way to make subscribers happy.

Inform Your ISP About Your Email Marketing Activities
The connection to your ISP is one of the most important. So make sure they know that you're sending legitimate bulk email and won't disconnect you as a spammer.

Instruments of Email Marketing
There is more to email marketing than personalized mass mails and newsletters. Discover all the forms and instruments of effective email marketing.

Learn from Spam
Spammers can teach you a lot about email marketing.

Make HTML and Plain Text Parts Have Corresponding Content
To make it more difficult for spam to fool them, spam filters check that the plain text and HTML parts of email messages do correspond.

Make it Easy for Subscribers to Change Their Email Address
Lose one address, gain another, retain a subscriber when a user's email address changes.

Make Landing Pages Fit Your Email Marketing Campaign
An email marketing campaign is nothing without a landing page, so make sure it visually belongs to its campaign and does not irritate the user.

Make Sure Unusbscriptions are Effective Immediately
Avoid a spam-like impression by making sure unsubscriptions from your newsletters or email marketing lists go into effect immediately.

Make Sure Your Email Marketing ASP is Opt-In Only
How does an opt-in list go together with being blocked and filtered as a spammer? It may be your email marketing service provider's fault.

Marketing: If You Use Sound, Make Sure it Rocks
No audio is better than weak audio, but... audio that rocks can boost your email marketing campaign.

Motivate People to Sign Up for Your Newsletter with a Bonus
An additional bonus can improve the chance that somebody will sign up for your newsletter significantly.

Newsletter Content Ideas: Asking the User's Questions
Content ideas usually have this form: "How can I do this?". So how can I get great content ideas?

Newsletter Content Ideas: Press Summary
Consolidating news provides a useful service to your newsletter subscribers, and it shows your expertise in the field, too.

Newsletter Content Ideas: The Calendar and Holidays
If you are searching for inspiration for your newsletter, all you need may be a holiday. The year is rich in holidays, occasions and festivities to write about or to relate to.

Prefill Forms on Landing Pages
Make purchasing easy by prefilling forms on pages reached from your newsletter.

Prioritize Newsletter Content for More Clicks
Here's a cheap and easy way to personalize and optimize the content in your newsletter for individual recipients.

Put Newsletter Sign-up Boxes on Every Page
Make sure visitors can sign up to your newsletter when and where they want.

Reply to Requests Within 1 Day
You've got 24 hours to win — or lose — a customer, so be sure to reply to emails within a day.

Rule of Thumb How Often to Send Your Newsletter
Find the right frequency for your email marketing efforts.

Rule of Thumb When to Send Your Newsletter
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday? Which day will work best?

Sales Pitch Makes No Newsletter
Newsletter subscribers expect and deserve content, which salespeak alone is not.

Send Newsletters at Least Once a Month
If you send your newsletter less often, your subscribers may forget about you and their signing up, and perceive your mailing as spam.

Send Newsletters On Time
Weekly, adv.: every week; etc. Here's why it's important to send your newsletter periodically, and on time.

Send Your Email Marketing Messages as Multipart/Alternative
Get the best of both worlds and give those who prefer HTML a rich version and those who prefer plain text and plain alternative — automatically and easily.

Successful Email Marketing is 1-to-1 Permission Marketing
The vision of email marketing: every customer is a special customer.

Test the Layout of Your Newsletter with Email Clients
Make sure your email marketing message looks good not only in your email program, but in your recipient's, too.

Test the Links in Your Email Marketing Messages
If recipients can't click through to your site from your email marketing message, all other efforts were in vain.

The Difference Between Opt-In and Double Opt-In
Do you want your email marketing single opt-in or double-sized? Find out what the difference between single and double opt-in means.

Use a Template for Your Email Newsletter
A template is something to cling to, and something your readers will recognize.

Use Absolute URLs in Email Marketing Messages, Newsletters
Relative URLs will fail to bring people from your newsletter to your site. Absolutely.

Use Bold Face for Emphasis in Email Marketing
Make important text stand out in your email marketing efforts by using bold face.

Use Your Brand in the Subject
Spark interest, and make your recipients comfortable with opening your marketing messages.

Use Your Name in the From: Line
People don't like to read mail from strangers or robots. But messages From: a name they know and trust are welcome.

User Questions Mean Great Content for Newsletters
Tell them exactly what they want to know in your newsletter. A fabulous way to find out what your subscribers do want to know is reading their emails.

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