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Email marketing with its ever-growing complexity and infrastructure needs is perfectly suited for being done by an application service provider. Profit from great power, flexibility, security — and save your bandwidth.
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CheetahMail - Email Marketing Service
CheetahMail is a top-notch full service email marketing solution with excellent segmenting capabilities for targeted, personalized messages, detailed analysis for tracking and optimization, and many other goodies.

GraphicMail - Email Marketing Service
GraphicMail makes it easy to send rich, personalized newsletters, and also helps you maintain mailing lists and control open rates.

Listrak - Email Marketing Service
Listrak is a powerful email marketing service whose strength lies in its flexible user profiling and mail merging features.

Targetware - Email Marketing Service
Create rich email campaigns easily with Targetware, target them precisely and track responses in a detailed manner.

8Seconds - Email Marketing Service
8Seconds tests and optimizes mailings in real time: determining the most effective message among a few alternatives from the first who open it, 8Seconds adapts that version for all other recipients.

ActiveCampaign - Email Marketing Service
ActiveCampaign servers your readers comprehensively — and you, the sender, as well: you can set up and design newsletters, auto-responders and triggered campaigns, manage subscriptions, track efforts and results, integrate social media and many customer relationship management application, and more.

Acxiom Digital - Email Marketing Service
Acxiom Digital manages and helps you get the most out of every email campaign and customer — including the oft-neglected transactional messages.

AshWebMail - Email Marketing Service
Choose from email templates, create your own design or have AshWebMedia design for your campaign; AshWebMail also offers list management, of course, and email tracking.

AWeber - Auto-Responder and Email Marketing Service
AWeber offers tools to follow up with web site visitors using newsletters, but also using auto-responders and scheduled courses.

Benchmark Email - Email Marketing Service
Benchmark Email provides everything you need to build and segment lists, deliver newsletters and campaigns and track results.

Blaynmail - Email Marketing Service
From Japan, Blaynmail concentrates on subscriber management and email delivery.

Bondware - Email Marketing Service
Bondware offers hosted solutions for just about every aspect of any business's web presence — including email marketing services that include list management, tracking and custom template design.

Boomerang - Email Marketing Service
You can use Boomerang's online tools to manage your own lists and campaigns flexibly, or recruit Boomerang to help you with setup, design and analysis.

Breeze - Email Marketing Service
Elegant and design-driven, Breeze also delivers emails solidly, tracks openings and clicks and manages your list.

BrightWave - Email Marketing Services
With a full assortment of services, BrightWave helps you get the most out of email marketing.

Broadcast - Email Marketing Service
From the United Kingdom, Broadcast designs your mailing and lets you set up and segment your list, schedule and track recipients as well.

Bronto - Email Marketing Service
Bronto's professional web-based email marketing solutions handle list management, message delivery, tracking and segmentation themselves — but an API also allows you to integrate Bronto with existing or future databases and CRM.

CakeMail - Email Marketing Service
CakeMail covers all the technical bases for you to engage your recipients with captivating copy.

Campaigner - Email Marketing Service
In an unspectacular manner, Campaigner delivers not only emails but results. CampaignerPro adds sophisticated segmenting and personalization.

Constant Contact - Email Marketing Service
Many a template gets you started fast at Constant Contact, which also covers all other email marketing bases — from building lists to getting messages delivered to tracking results —, of course.

CoolerEmail - Email Marketing Service
CoolerEmail covers all the email marketing essentials, but also offers integration with social media, can send SMS messages and helps you manage and track your every project.

Cypra Media - Email Marketing Service
Cypra takes you from acquiring leads through crafting and sending your emails to tracking interactions and all to whatever your email marketing goal is.

Datran Media StormPost - Email Marketing Service
StormPost integrates as much data as possible to fledge highly personalized messages. Its mix of target media extends beyond email to include social networking sites, for example.

dotMailer - Email Marketing Service
From the UK, dotMailer offers the full email marketing monty: list management, personalization, reporting, testing, delivery, social media marketing, etc.

e-Dialog - Email Marketing Service
From strategy to creative, from analytics to delivery, e-Dialog covers all the email marketing bases.

eConnect Email - Email Marketing Service
Starting from square one or arriving with a large list and plan in place, eConnect Email offers all the services and infrastructure an email marketer needs.

EmailBrain - Email Marketing Service
EmailBrain may lack a few advanced features, but its focus on easy use gets you professional results fast and with little fretting.

EmailLabs - Email Marketing Service
In addition to covering all the email marketing essentials, EmailLabs shines with tracking subscribers even through your web site, CRM software integration, triggered messages as well as rich segmentation and personalization options.

emailROI - Email Marketing Service
eROI includes just about everything the email marketer needs — from surveys to list management to personalization to statistics and analysis — in the emailROI self-service.

Epsilon Interactive - Email Marketing Service
Data-driven, experienced and versed well across marketing channels, Epsilon is a competent partner for all email needs.

Emma - Email Marketing Service
Emma design an email template for every customer, and helps you build lists, personalize messages, track responses and trigger mailings, too.

GetResponse - Email Marketing Service
GetResponse focuses on email marketing and covers everything from list creation to segmenting to performance measurement with oft-clever and detailed solutions.

iContact - Email Marketing Service
Simplicity and elegance at iContact start but by no means end with its web site. In addition to core email marketing features — list management, message scheduling, email templates, delivery management and tracking —, iContact offers integration with blogs and subscriber surveys.

Infusionsoft - Email Marketing Service
Infusionsoft offers sophisticated but painless email marketing for organizations small and mid-sized alike, and integrates it with customer relationship management and other media (e.g. postcards and voice messages).

Interspire Email Marketer - Email Marketing Service
Interspire offers not only email newsletters but also auto-responders, triggered events, surveys and easy split testing.

Inxmail - Email Marketing Service
Available not only as a service but also as in-house software, Inxmail covers all the email marketing bases and connects with social media as well as CRM systems, too.

JangoMail - Email Marketing Service
JangoMail is an email marketing powerhouse in a plain interface: it connects to external databases in real time, for example, and allows for advanced list segmenting and conditional text.

ListCast - Email Marketing Service
A bare-bones service, ListCast does build lists, deliver messages and track with verve. You can segment to some extent and personalize emails, too.

MailChimp - Email Marketing Service
With a focus on ease and elegance, MailChimp still provides list segmenting, A/B tests, surveys, tracking including integration with Google Analytics and an API to integrate MailChimp with other software and services.

MailerMailer - Email Marketing Service
MailerMailer makes easy not only to administer lists and send mail but to create snazzy messages, too, with message templates.

Melon Media - Email Marketing Service
You can spin your own campaigns with Melon Media's melonMail email marketing platform or outsource everything from planning to design and analysis to their agency.

Newsberry - Email Marketing Service
Newsberry offers everything you need to design, segment, send and track to lists large and small.

Peer360° - Email Marketing Service
You can either make use of Peer360°'s powerful WEBLetter email tools that span list management, campaigns and analysis or have Peer360° handle everything up to the copywriting for you.

Pinpointe - Email Marketing Service
Data-driven, flexible and highly comprehensive, Pinpointe focuses on business-to-business marketing efforts.

Pixelnews - Email Marketing Service
Pixelnews makes creating, sending and tracking email campaigns an easy job, and offers enough features to make it fruitful, too.

RatePoint - Email Marketing Service
With a focus on deliverability, RatePoint offers easy newsletter creation as well as comprehensive list management and reports.

ReachMail - Email Marketing Service
With ease of use and simplicity as its guideposts, ReachMail lets you send emails in bulk, manages your list, hosts your images and manages your surveys, too.

ScoutMailer - Email Marketing Service
ScoutMailer offers all the standard email marketing features you need — templates to pick, reports to analyze, mailings to schedule and lists to manage — with a neckerchief.

Sendloop - Email Marketing Service
Pay as you go yet complete email marketing service Sendloop also offers monthly plans, of course, and integrates with Twitter and Facebook, for instance, to gain subscribers an tweet campaigns.

Sparklist - Email Marketing Service
Whether you want to send a newsletter or do one-on-one marketing with personalized messages, sales cycle tracking, segmentation based on past actions and triggered mailings, Sparklist can serve. Sparklist can host your discussion mailing lists, too.

StreamSend - Email Marketing Service
StreamSend manages your lists, delivers your campaigns and tracks results, of course. StreamSend also includes A/B split testing, advanced filtering and segmenting and Google Analytics integration, however.

StrongMail - Email Marketing Service
StrongMail not only offers all the hard-duty tools to acquire permission to email, deliver messages and integrate email with social media — but insights and help, too.

SubscriberMail - Email Marketing Service
Veritable email marketing powerhouse SubscriberMail is big on delivery management and sophisticated segmenting.

Unica - Email Marketing Service
An all-around marketing software shoppe, Unica lets you integrate segmented and sophisticated email marketing with other channels.

VerticalResponse - Email Marketing Service
VerticalResponse offers all the tools as well as templates and images not only for email newsletters but also for effective direct physical mail postcards and does (online) surveys, too.

Yesmail - Email Marketing Service
Yesmail's aim is to make not only customers happy, but marketers, too (which, in turn, should trigger more customers being more happy). Of course, Yesmail's offerings for enterprises ranging from small to big, allow for targeted and behaviorally triggered campaigns.

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