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Isn't it great to find out somebody has been thinking of you? Free email greeting cards are a wonderful way to be the cause of this feeling in others. And I'm sure they'll return it.
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Favorite E-Card Sites
Thinking of someone? You can make them merry right now, for a special occasion or just so, with an e-card. Send your greeting by email or via a social network, for instance. Here are some favorite e-card sites for fast and heartfelt greetings.

Favorite New Year's E-Card Sites
How do you like to welcome the new year? Do you prefer loud and spectacular or silent and tranquil? Or is your idea of celebrating New Year's Eve to go for your affairs like usual and just let it slip by? Either way, you can welcome others to your new year and your New Year's party with an e-card -- loud or tranquil.

Vote for Best E-Card Site - The About.com 2013 Readers' Choice Awards
Vote for best e-card site in the About.com 2013 Readers' Choice Awards from February 19, 2013 through March 19, 2013. Browse all the finalists here. Winners will be announced March 27, 2013.

Favorite Valentine's Day E-Card Sites
Love, is it elusive? Shallow and exclusive? Or natural, easy and actual? I know you know the latter, and I have a feeling you want to share and multiply that easy, actual and natural love. Share it with a Valentine's Day card, for example, sent conveniently and creatively by email.

Favorite Chinese New Year's E-Card Sites
A new moon, a new animal, a new color, a new year: spectacular fireworks and red envelopes and festive celebrations welcome them, and so do personal greetings maybe sent across the world electronically. Here are some favorite Chinese New Year e-card sites.

1001 Postcards
Let's believe postcards.org and assume what they have nicely categorized are indeed 1001 (no more, no less) postcards. But even if you don't believe this to be true, the cards at 1001 Postcards are great, believe me.

123 Greetings
In many a category and for just about any occasions, 123 Greetings offers unpretentiously sweet and lively animated greetings.

365 Greetings
It's at least one greeting for the year's every day at 365 Greetings.

AAAPostcards.com has nicely drawn cards in a growing number of categories, and for many occasions.

Acegreetings.com offers lots of simple, but very nice and often animated greeting cards in many categories.

All-Yours.net Greeting Cards
Electronic postcards in many languages. You can choose between many nice backgrounds, images and sounds, but you can also use your own.

AmericanGreetings.com eCards
It's a huge, universal and almost universally wonderful collection of greeting cards you can find and send at AmericanGreetings.com. There's the perfect card for everyone, and some can be sent for free.

For emotions and occasions of all kinds, ATMGreetings.com offers animations whirling around cartoonish greeting cards.

Birthday Alarm Greeting Cards
Neither alarming nor just for birthdays, the sweet and simple greeting cards at Birthday Alarm can be sent on just about any occasion.

BlueMountain.com Electronic Greeting Cards
Greeting cards for many occasions, from apology to sympathy, from graduation to congratulation; neat, with poems.

Brain of Brian Postcards
Hillariously funny postcards right from Brian's brain.

CardCow.com Vintage Postcards and Ecards
At CardCow.com, you can send magnificent vintage postcards of any style and for any occasion as classy e-cards.

Care2 Greeting Cards
At Care2, you will find at least as many different styles of nice free greeting cards as there are categories. In addition, Care2 donates part of its revenue to environmental non-profit organizations.

Martine Carlsen's cards are funny and insightful. Their message and humor are typically delivered by animals.

Just as beautiful and handy as cowries come CowrieCards' many — and partially free — e-cards.

Dailyzen Zen Cards
Stroll through a garden full of e-cards with Zen themes and sayings, and let a card pick you for sending it.

DaySpring E-Cards
DaySpring lets you send inspiring, Christian-themed greetings for many a holiday and occasion.

Every E-Card contributes to the World Wildlife Fund, so you can combine the pleasant with the use- and helpful.

eToon T-shirt ecards
T-shirt graphics make cool email greetings, too.

It's great fun to arrange a beautiful bouquet of flowers at flowers2mail.com and send it via email — for a special occasion or just because.

Many, many fortune cookies for a great fortune.

FunUtilities.com eCards
Pictures from all the wide word's every nook and aspect become delightful greeting cards at FunUtilities.com.

GreetingSpring Greeting Cards
Even on a flat screen, three dimensions can be simulated in many a manner. GreetingSpring adds cartoonish 3D to countless nice greeting cards for many events and sentiments.

One card you can send to one group? Of course not. At GroupCard, you can pick from many a nicely designed greeting, invite others to sign or add their note and finally deliver, maybe with a gift certificate.

Guycon Video Greetings
Send a guy — from Santa Claus to Karaoke Man — and his all-ironizing message.

Hallmark E-Cards
Many, many, great, great free electronic greeting cards from Hallmark.

HDgreetings Ecards
Webcam greetings framed by many a design, e-cards to which you can add your photos or smooth videos to send: HDgreetings offers rich email greeting options aplenty.

Send gentle and soothing pastel cards for any occasion at HiGreetings.

Hillel's eCards
From Jewish campus organization Hillel, send e-cards not just for Jewish holidays but also special occasions as well as the everyday moment.

Hipster Cards
Hipster Cards promises glamour. Original and dancing on various edges, its cards deliver.

Jacquie Lawson E-Cards
It's cats and dogs at Jacquie Lawson, and e-cards in idyllic and fantastically enthralling fashion: send rich, detailed and animated masterworks for each and any occasion.

Jan Brett
Greeting cards for many occasions with lovely Jan Brett artwork.

JibJab eCards
Be funny. Be funny for birthdays, holidays, weddings and all days in between. Be funny with the superbly executed and richly animated JibJab e-cards.

John William Waterhouse Paintings Postcards
Send John William Waterhouse's paintings of literary and mythological characters as beautiful e-cards.

Katie's Cards
With artistry and animation, Katie's Cards greetings let you spread cheer, consolation, thank-yous and much more in style.

Leanin' Tree
The palpable levity of paper cards oozes out of Leanin' Tree's every classy e-card.

Maneki Neko - Lucky Cats E-Cards
Maneki neko greets guests and invites luck and fortune to shops, web sites — and email inboxes. At this namesake site, you can send themed, kawaii and inviting lucky cats as friendly e-cards.

MyFunCards eCards
It's not all your fun, of course, with the huge array of joyful cards and greetings at MyFunCards: the recipients gets to be entertained, too.

Ojolie eCards
Meticulously drawn, spectacularly animated and charmingly sweet, Ojolie greeting cards are sure to amaze.

Paperless Post Cards
Without paper and with great panache, the Paperless Post lets you send meticulously designed cards shining with calligraphy and style.

Whatever makes your perfect greeting, the plainly drawn cards at PerfectGreetings are a good start.

Plaxo eCards
Greeting cards at Plaxo are a snap to send in many versatile designs — and not only to people in your Plaxo address book, of course.

Whether the "ponkas" you can send smartly from Ponka are extraordinarily or just normally out of the ordinary will depend on your kind of normalcy, of course; gripping and expressive for many an occasion, these e-cards should deliver your message and greeting with panache, though, in any event. ("Personalize It (Optional)" will appear as your note if you don't personalize it.)

Stylish and simple, PopCard.me email greetings using photographs from Flickr are swift to send and a pleasure to receive.

At Postcard.fm, you can create classy e-cards from your photos and mp3s.

Beautiful images from beautiful islands. The kind of card that makes you jealous.

All-time internet superstar Baby Cha Cha as a greeting card and much more wonderful postcards.

Sophie Pasquet Photography eCards
You can send some of Sophie Pasquet's contrasty and saturated photographs as wonderful e-cards.

Tatty Teddy E-Cards
Mike Payne's iconic (and not at all tatty) Tatty Teddy in many a pose and situation worth to be sent as a greeting.

The Cardmaster
Many different cards in many different categories; probably something for you, too.

The Rainforest Site E-cards
At The Hunger-, Rainforest-, Literacy- and other Sites, you can send nice e-cards greeting people and prompting them to click for sponsors to donate to the namesake cause.

Send a nice email greeting card — and gift a tree, which non-profits plant in many a fine location around the world.

If you're looking to share élan vital and enthused spirits, VerveCards deliver right to the recipient's inbox — who receivers don't have to go hunting for their colorful and fun card at a web site or avoid it for risk of getting malware instead.

Victorian Trading Company Victorian Era E Greetings
Sumptuous and rich, the gorgeous and zany Victorian greetings easily shared at Victorian Trading Co. are sure to go straight to the recipient's discerning eye and knowing heart.

Vladstudio E-Cards
Vlad Gerasimov smart and snappy illustrations make wonderful desktop backgrounds, clocks and — greeting cards, of course.

Favorite Halloween E-Card Sites
If there is ever a time for the beauty of ugliness and the delight of terror, Halloween must be it. The best Halloween greetings are often the worst — and vice versa. E-cards can meet your every Halloween greeting card need, however sick or pretty. Here are my favorite e-card sites to compose and send Halloween greetings.

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