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There is no phone book for email addresses, but there are a number of directories that let you search for -- and find -- all the email addresses you need. Here's where to start your search.
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Top People Search Sites and Email Address Directories
Searching for people online? Looking for an email address? Look closer and find friends old and new as well as business contacts with these email address directories and people search engines. Here are your best bets.

How to Find Anybody's Email Address: Top Tips for Your Search
You know how elusive email addresses are. Even if you once had a friend's address, you may not be able to locate or recall it now. Or maybe the address has changed. No matter whose email address you are looking for or how much you know about the person, here are eight strategies that you can use right now to help you find. You'll look in new...

123people.com - Email Address Directory
With most comprehensive coverage in German-speaking Europe but working worldwide, 123people.com scours the web, phone books, people directories and social networking sites for people and their addresses.

@ddresses.com Email Locator - Email Address Directory
Millions of addresses are waiting for searchers in @ddresses.com's worldwide directory of email addresses.

Email Finder Reverse Email Lookup - Email Address Directory
Email Finder finds more than email addresses. It looks up the person behind an email address, in fact, with a detailed profile — for members only.

Facebook Friend Finder - Email Address Directory
You can find everybody on Facebook by college, company, school or name.

FreshAddress.com - Email Address Directory
FreshAddress.com links old and new email addresses, but its always up to date database can also be searched for other criteria.

ICQ White Pages - Email Address Directory
Search the directory of ICQ users with numerous criteria to find old and new friends, and their email addresses.

InfoSpace Email Search - Email Address Directory
Search InfoSpace's comprehensive worldwide white pages for email addresses.

Intelius People Search - Email Address Directory
Accessing various public records, Intelius provides comprehensive email address search for the U.S. and can reveal the person behind an email address, too.

Jigsaw - Business Email Address Directory
Jigsaw helps you find business contacts — across companies and countries, with many a criterion to narrow your search.

LexisNexis Public Records - Email Address Directory
For serious research: LexisNexis's public records and private database search covers hundreds of millions of people and businesses.

LinkedIn People Search - Email Address Directory
LinkedIn worldwide network of professionals can be searched by name, industry, company, region and more. Of course, LinkedIn offers means to get in touch.

Lycos White Pages People Search - Email Address Directory
Find email addresses in what once were the WhoWhere?! white pages or in public records with Lycos people search.

my.email.address.is - Email Address Directory
My.email.address.is is a meta search engine for email addresses (and not just for mine). It scans the most popular email address directories including Yahoo! and AOL.

MyFreeEmailSearch - Email Address Directory
MyFreeEmailSearch aggregates results from other people search engines as well as the web and public databases to find whomever you seek.

MyLife - Email Address Directory
Hand MyLife a name and approximate age, and it will often find the person you seek. After registering, you can see their details, too.

Myspace.com Find a Friend - Email Address Directory
The space to meet friends on the web is heavily populated. The chances are good you will find and be able to contact lost friends through Myspace.com.

PeekYou People Search - Email Address Directory
You can search PeekYou's profiles for people (and a way to contact them) by name, company or school.

PeopleFinders People Search by Email - Email Address Directory
Members can search many a directory fast and comprehensively at PeopleFinders.

PeopleSmart - Email Address Directory
PeopleSmart finds people competently and relays messages to their email addresses so you can contact them. In addition, PeopleSmart can look up the person behind an email address in reverse email search.

Pipl People Search - Email Address Directory
In real time, Pipl scours databases and directories such as ICQ, Amazon profiles, flickr or SEC records to find information and people web search engines do not see.

Plaxo Pulse Search - Email Address Directory
After becoming a Plaxo member yourself, you can search — and contact — others in their directory.

ProfileSpy - Email Address Directory
Searching by name, email address or phone number, ProfileSpy returns comprehensive results from many a source.

Reunion.com People Search - Email Address Directory
After registering yourself (which puts you in the directory), Reunion.com turns up comprehensive results that get you back in touch with people you knew. You can also search by school, for example, and find out who's looking for you.

Search the Usenet Addresses Database - Email Address Directory
If you know the person you are looking for has been online for some time, you can try searching this database of people who posted to Usenet from 1991 to 1996.

Spock - Email Address Directory
Spock finds people not only by name and location but also by tags and, well, just about anything related to them.

Spokeo - Email Address Directory
Spokeo's reverse email search shows you the name, photos, videos, social networking profiles, blogs and non-email contact information behind an email address.

Switchboard - Email Address Directory
Search Switchboard's white pages for email addresses and more.

Wink People Search - Email Address Directory
Wink aggregates from both social networking sites and the web to find people's web presences — including ways to send them an email.

XING - Email Address Directory
Popular in Europe, XING helps you find and connect to businesses and their people.

Yahoo! People Search - Email Address Directory
Find people in Yahoo's large directory of email addresses based on name, location, old email address (!) or organization name...

yasni - Email Address Directory
yasni scours social networks, the web, blogs, Amazon wishlists and its own records for whomever you seek. If your search is fruitless, you can swiftly create a missing person ad.

yoName - People Search Site
yoName will scour social networking sites and blogs for the name, user name or email address you seek — and return somewhat random but potentially useful results.

ZoomInfo.com People Search - Email Address Directory
Finding names on the web and connecting the dots with artificial intelligence and natural language interpretation, ZoomInfo.com has assembled a great profile for just about anybody on the net. It does not have email addresses or ways to contact for everybody, though.

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