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Top 50 Free Email Stationery Downloads for Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail


If email starts to get boring, it's time for new colorful free stationery to pretty your emails in Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express and Outlook; or silent and thoughtful stationery; or lovely, of course, and heartwarming stationery.

Here are the picks of the picks, the best of the best—here's the stationery that has been downloaded most often.

(You can send each email background as an e-card, too; follow the stationery's title and then use Preview & send as e-card.)

(Updated March 2014)

1. Valentine Card Stationery

Valentine Card - Free Valentine's Day Stationery
Michelle's Stationery

Send a lovely Valentine card this Valentine's Day.

2. Valentine's Day Message Stationery

Valentine's Day Message - Free Valentine's Day Stationery
CloudEight Stationery

Love is the message!

3. Happy Birthday Stationery

Happy Birthday Stationery
Country Lane Graphics
Lovely balloons, nice flowers and, most of all, a happy birthday, these are the things you can send with this wonderful stationery.

4. Fairies Stationery

Fairies Stationery
Sherry's Stationery
Three fairies in this stationery are visible.

5. Snow Scene Stationery

Snow Scene - Free Christmas Stationery
Stationery Dreams

It's a fabulous winter wonderland, covered thick in snow and anticipating Christmas with every snowflake.

6. Big Happy New Year Stationery

Big Happy New Year - Free New Year's Stationery
Yvonnes.net Stationery

For great luck in the new year, send an email with big Happy New Year greetings.

7. Christmas Eve Stationery

Christmas Eve Stationery

The heartwarming Christmas feeling is all around.

8. Lily Pads Stationery

Lily Pads Stationery
Country Lane Graphics
The water lily's blooms are huge and beautiful, just like this stationery bedecked with a white water lily's bloom and leaves.

9. Happy Thanksgiving Stationery

Happy Thanksgiving - Free Thanksgiving Stationery
Mamselle Stationery

Wish a Happy Thanksgiving with warm and lovely simple stationery.

10. Christmas Crèche Nativity Scene Stationery

Christmas Manger Nativity Scene Stationery
hultshome.dk Stationery

Retell the story of Jesu birth with the Holy Family, relevant animals, manger, and this stationery.

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