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Email Change of Address Services

If you got a new email address service recently, or try contacting somebody who obviously changed theirs, email change of address services can help. They make the connection between the old and the new address, letting your friends find you under your old address or letting you find an old contacts new address.

EmailChange.com, in a Spartan way, links old and new email addresses. Requests are automatically fulfilled.

Find mE-Mail
Register your old and new address with Find mE-Mail, or find an updated email address by searching for the old.

At FreshAddress.com, you can search not only by old email address but also by name.

MailLocate.com Email Change of Address Directory
In a friendly, privacy-conscious and well-structured way, MailLocate.com links searches for old email addresses to current.

Return Path
Register with your old and new addresses, and Return Path hands those who try to reach you via the old your new address (you can validate requests). If your old address is still functional, Return Path will even forward incoming mail automatically.

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